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Football Columbia – Calvus Qualcomm for League Agla 2018 – Football Columbia

If Colldas continues to play in the GA, he will continue to advance to the semifinal. Reaganogro Agilas at Alberto Grace's Stadium. Still, he needs to get better to change the series on Sunday on Sunday.

The team, led by coach Jorge Luis Bernhard, took advantage of their own locals. For the first time he had a clear goal option. Likewise, he played in an unexpected manner in which he faced each other, where he scored the only score of commitment.

The atmosphere before the quarrel between Rionegro Águilas and Caldas was very emotional. For the first time, the usual stuff of other traditional clubs was found at Antiochos' house. As the teams were scorched, disciplined papers were delighted with 5,000 fans who were free to play.

Antiochinos and Caldas were also very fast at the football stadium.

Goalkeeper Horse Hosse Fernando Cudido was asked by Herberto Osorio's mid-range shot in eight minutes.

The last 45 minutes were not long, but nobody attacked. Riongro was alone, and he was not a shadow of the aggression of other parties.

We saw before the Eagles attack, indicating danger every time the ball is playing.

In the seventeenth minute, Marcello Caráraco had been furious at the hands of Daniel M'Posso for the protest of Repair Carroas Herrera.

Herrera allowed the game to go further. When it got a chance to speed up the RioniGrego, the monimes defense was astonished. The play of Reaganogro's goal was presented. Fred Histosto was sent to the heart of the set before the Left was moving forward. Omar Vasquez pulled the ball to Esteo Arunco. Convert objective.

Eddie Velasco's ball with the footsteps was more difficult for the goalkeeper Kudado's job. The goal scored is more difficult than what he was unaware of.

One minute later, Caldas once came through a shot by Juan David Rodriguez who passed through centimeters of the goalkeeper in the Eagles.

The minutes passed through the Réonogróo, when they removed the desire to attack, but the ball passed through the middle of the field. But when players replaced Johan Carbero, 28 ST, Felipe Correa, they destroyed two approaches they could produce.

Ryanagro had another attack. Goon Díaz was a rival with a weak goalkeeper who was driven by goalkeeper Cudido.

At last, local players were discreetly celebrating. The doctors noticed him when he reached the quarterfinals after coach Bernardo's predecessor, coach Bernell. There he was celebrating with great emotion and lowered blood pressure.

On Sunday 2nd Sunday at the Palograda stadium in Manizel, 5:15.


Rionegro Águilas 1 / Caldas Once

Riongro Aguilas:
Juan David Valencia (6); Daniel Munus (6), Kamio Perez (6) and Carlos Ramirez (6) and Louis മോവേവര (6) were the other contributors. Francesco Rodriguez (6) and Camio Ayla (6); Freddie Hinstroz (6), Omar Vasquez (6) and Esteano Arogo (6); Humberto Osorio (5).
DT: George Louis Bernal.

Once in the Caldas: Jose Fernando Quido (5); David Gomes (6), Diego Perthalta (5), Andrews Felipe Kieri (6) and Edwin Velazzo (5) were the other contributors. Diego Aras (5); Juan Pablo Neato (5), Juan David Rodrigues (5) and Marcelino Corias (5) and Johan Karubero (5) were the other contributors. Ricardo Steer (5).
DT: Hubert Bodhat.

Match: Good

Changes in Rionegro: Junior Vaskways of Omar Vaskways (29 ST), Eritabo Arano (33 ST), and Fredy Hinestroza (45 + 1 ST), Mori Gomez (Yelton Díaz).

Changes for Caldas Mendel Garcia (24 ST) of Morsilino Carioso (32 ST), and Alejandra Garcia, Juan David Rodriguez (42 ST).

Goals: Estherfano Arano (18 ST).

Is clever: Munos, Rodrigues (Rayonago Aglas); Steer, Neato, Carrizos, Petraţa (once Caldas).

Dismissed: there was.

Estabhano Arano (6).

Stadium: Alberto crissus

Help: Approximately 4,500 viewers.

box office: Free income.

Referee: Carlos Hertra (4).

Esteban Torres arbaleus

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