Tuesday , March 21 2023

Familia wants to release Real Cartenina to Rendon Governor


In a statement, the directors in Veerasana expressed official interest. They are expected to host a competition in 2019.

In reply to a statement by Bolivar governor Dumuk Turbez in 2005, President of Real Cartagena, Rodrigo Alejandro Rendon Ruiz, had written a letter. Repeat the successful business management model of sports manager. Society of Cartonica Entrepreneurs, who headed national runner for the season under the technical command of Harnan Dario Hererea.

"We do not have enough economic resources to build a dream team as a club, but it gives us more opportunities to get promotions, but many businessmen and heads of the city and the department are aimed at achieving their goals," Rendon Ruiz wrote in an ad yesterday.

However, the biggest representative of the Bolivaris section said, "In what real situation (Rendon family) team should transfer the administrative parts of the team, what are the company's debts, how to deal with the financial dealer Dreamer Club, how long will they hand over to this team, what will happen to a sportsperson if there is a sports promotion?"

Turbo added. "You can not answer without knowing the minimum knowledge of everything." Because many statements do not touch this statement in the interest of the community and Cartese for restoring the credibility of the original. I want to meet with them to see what they want like a Bollywood guy. Cartagena and Bolivar are the Elite and the team & # 39; s team & # 39; Best of all, Colombia is the best. We're all & # 39; A & # 39; Wants to look real. But the owners have to show that they want to see their team in the Colombian football, "said Turby Pass.

If the Rendon and Garsi family had given the session, the action said, "We will continue to remain independent of the management of the company's professional staff, and we will continue with the minor divisions of the club, the club's economic restructuring project (Superintendent of Companies).

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