Wednesday , October 5 2022

Columbus Soccer talked about the success of Tel Aviv in Santa Fe, Alberta The Eagle League


In the quarter-finals, she won the Tale of 1-2 by visiting Santa Fe in the quarterfinals of the League 2-2018. Alberto Gamero was delighted. His team has shown a good face and his support remains a key, though, the DT is still open.

"I'm happy because I find a team that we are attacking, and it works vertically, I prefer not to get out of the game, but I want to make my players play well instead of playing well," said Santha, "but I'm happy with three points. They will give an open key to fight Saturday, "Gamero said.

His team responded by coach that he could not make the same mistakes against Santa Fe. "Santa Fe takes us to get the ball, we do not do it, we do not allow Santa Fe squeezes to solve the problem, because the last ball they've taken the ball, we've changed it, Santa Fe makes us stand in front of the attack. That's all for Federer A simply ud'dhimuttullatumaya, "the coach said.

But Gamero does not believe, he knows that the second leg will be very difficult. "We played the previous game, we did not score, but we did not scoff, but today their options are still stupid and we have done a lot of mistakes, we are well defended, it's a challenge and it does not remain in these keys. We know how to play We will yeagyatayillatirikkukayum adore. "

Finally, Gamer said: "This team makes mistakes, but it has good things, I see a more mature team, and the team learned to struggle, and sometimes we do not know how to get hurt when we attacked them, but we did not do anything to defeat Santa Fe, We can increase. "

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