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Columbian Soccer in 2018 – Sports


On November 26, General Santander will play for second time in the stadium.

Kykada depororovo

In the final defeat of Quebec Depotivico Club in Colombia, 1-0 win over Union Magdalena.


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November 18, 2018, 05:52 p.m.

In the final of the competition at Suet Marta in the Sierra Nevada stadium, Majdelena was beaten by her and lost by Dortaviao 0-1.

Goals within the last few minutes of the game were enough to go back home with an important advantage. Vale recalls, with the bulk of the "cyclone" game played with 10 people.

When we saw a strong competition from the very first moments, the strong competition was clear from the first victory. This proved to be two yellow cards issued by the Central Judge when the first footprint was suspended. In this situation, however, Samarita retained the intensity of the opponent's array and the risk of dangers.

But within minutes, Kucua feels more comfortable in the Saka Nevada's warm court. A touch soccer and support from the attacks on the part of the Union began to resist Magdalena. The opportunity to return to the players. One of them was able to go forward.

Against the opponents of criteria and orders, the expulsion of Jean-Claude Wallaceia compounded the cyclone's complexity and persuaded him to withdraw in his field even before the uncontrolled period. & # 39; MotiLones & # 39; s to control the ball and seek their opponent's physical garments. Was created. It was a tactical approach to the winner before the break.

Coach Harold Rivers was forced to resume his project and replaced him with his new runners-up to replace the new sky. He helped him to conceal him, to reduce the burden of drunkenness, the Magdalena's temptation and his job for the second time, and helped him to deal with violent forecasts and good football.

As time went on, homeowners began to wear and tear into the body, this situation helped to control the sauna or ball and helped create some revenue that Golczyzer Girilo had determined. But when the final result saw Jayasan Nuance (46 ST), he succeeded in his first final round to his teammates after free kick. .


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