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Apple will reduce the production of new phones


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This is the third time in the iPhone's exchange, as US media reported.

Technology Company on September 12 Apple Announcement of new smartphones: iPhone XR, XS And XS Max. This Monday Wall Street Journal (WSJ)As Apple's branded company expected, the impact of the market for these devices is unthinkable, the US media said.

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The newspaper also reported that Apple's new cell phones sales would be reduced this week. According to iPhone Essar, the best economic sector of new products, its production is expected to be 70 million by 2019 February. But the new changes were only 47 million.

The expected decrease in the Apple Incorporated New iPhone and the company's decision to design the design chain has created a lot of confusion in the distribution network, making it difficult to predict the number of Apple components. The phones you need "are part of WSJ's analysis.

It is necessary to remember it in December 2017 Bloomberg After the release of new releases, iPhone Exx saw a decline in production. A similar reason for the announcement of new releases is less demanding than expected.

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But when the telephone units sold by the company fall, this behavior is not reflected in their revenue. The increase is expected to be from the end of 2017. On the new products portal it goes beyond the smartphone. On October 30, Apple launched its new iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini.

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