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Alphonso Cauveran ROM in Bogotá


The story opens in a digital platform in December, but this weekend festival will be seen on the big screen during the festival. This is Mexico's reputation for the Oscars award in 2019.

Image from Alphonso Coron's "Roma"Courtesy

"ROM"That movie Alphonse Coren was created by Netflix, Will make his debut Bogota Within its framework Classics Film FestivalThis Thursday will open. The exhibition is being held on November 11th in four rooms of Chile. This box office is available in San Colombia. (You may be interested: the celebration of the restored film classics).

"Rome's introduction to the Festival is the historical significance of our second edition. Our audience will have a chance to see a masterpiece on the big screen before gaining all the attention."Says Juan Kravawal, founder of The Classics.

"ROM"It was shot in Spanish and Mimixek Caron's first job in his native tongue after the 2001 victory "Your mother" will also accompany him to paint in Mexico after 16 years. (We recommend reading: Alphonso Coren: "My films talk about invisible people").

It is considered to be the most memorable film of the Mexican director. Because his own family and the social and ethnic differences of the country are motivated. The director grew up in Mexico City along with the neighbors. He introduced the character Cleo, a character in the story. Actually, Yalitza Aparicio is an actress from Oaxaca who plays the role.

In some romantic movies and on Netflix, next & # 39; Roma & # 39; Will be displayed. It won the Golden Lion Award in September last year Venice Film Festival Mexico's repetition for the next edition of the Oscar and Goya Awards.

He has also directed Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004), "Hijo's Del Hobber" (2006) and "Grave" (2013). The Academy Award for Best Director received Alfonso Coren, the first Latin American

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