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& # 39; rabbit & # 39; It's just an interview


Cate del Castillo may not be a bunny. The actress has made it clear when the Playboy cover is suggested to be naked.

Cate interviewed the men after the publication of a photograph taken by the magazine. The question is whether he wants to appear as one of the editors.

"No, no," the 46-year-old actress told her tweets on her Twitter account that Magsin had thrown him in an interview in an interview and used the moment to play in the film.

In October 2015, JoAnin had met with Mr. A. Chappo.

Cate Del Castillo said he would return to Latin America by May 2019. La Raina del Sur's second season was released on the platform of the NEFX platform.

Can not verify jury laws

Mexican actress said she did not witness in the trial of Ecca Chappo Guzman Laure in New York.

"So far they did not call me, thank God, so I'm not going to witness, they've never warned me, so no," Del Castillo said.

Last week, Lai Rana persuaded Dalal to play the heroine.


Agree Castell del Castello says that the Playboy Cover is proposed to appear naked, but declined.

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