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"Yan Yu" has not released the "biography" of you – all, strong, own, and longest text – Beijing Youth Day


2019-01-23 01:04:59 Source: Beijing Youth Daily

"Yan Yu" You Went "Biography"

The Daily Drama (Journal of Wing) The Yu Sungs' new drama "Biography" was in line for a couple of days, but the meaning of waterloo was understood. "The dividends created by the genuine class of Yanqi Riders have become a part of the crash of history, the exaggeration of acting, the modernity of modernity, and so the criticism is totally out of reach.Dubbon score is still open but the full screen is rated by a star.

On January 21nd and 22nd, the producer U Sheng supported Longuian long-term essays and a biography of Wu Jiaan from a biographical "biography".

Unfortunately, the viewers' eyes are illuminated, as the "Yankee riders" are good, NetliSense does not mean pride in "copying", without reference to the click rate, a yard is a yard, and even "big biography" which does not have any serious cuts which are not expired from many corners. That did not help.

In the evening of January 21, a long article was published in Yu Sheng Weioui. He supported Wuhan Jinan. In a play critical of Wu Jian character, the mother, the mother of karannilla.nitisins kiraniyil eriyappettappeal her "face to face" acting accomplishments of the "nude sudden unexpected situations in trouble, Mast's too late. Sam'marddaparamaya to receive such a message, in addition to resist, untakkunnatinula more responses There is no company. "" Biography, "Wu jinanre between the performance of a number of problems, related to the experiences and the experiences it. It has done a lot in "Legends Riders". Eventually, she said she was unwilling to talk about Heng Wai's words. However, due to lack of respect for performance, the industry was respected.

On January 22, Yu Seng Weibo was renewed and a Bollywood actor responded to a new Bollywood film, Biography, and a star-filled star could have a fire but could not change the future of "Yin Singh". "I realized that the show's hard work can not be changed," I could not change the start of the film "Yan Raiders". Similar to "Jane Riders" is similar to "The Biography". After "Yan Yu" I thought I might change this. & # 39; YYINGING & # 39; & # 39; biography & # 39; Writing me convinces me of my judgment that I can fire and burn the stars, the theater fire in Hong Kong, the fire in Singapore, the fire of Japan, but the star of a star & # 39; Let's become five stars – Chen Chen should not be able to do that, and it can not. & # 39;

After that he said, "Where's the problem, I'm still out there, this is my own, the viewer is always wrong, the wrong thing is the screenwriter and actress of the director, the score is the right of audiences … you can not change everything, only people can change … , Please continue to swear, please continue Please agree, please continue to accept, but when the ten texts come, he is not good at play, there should not be improved ".

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