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Women's volleyball league is much better and better – this season, third, qualifying, quarter-final, – People's Daily


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The eight best-qualified medals will be closed down.
Women's volleyball league is better and better (sports grandstands)

The second qualifying mark of the Chinese Women's Volleyball Super League ended this season. In the first phase of Elite 12, eight teams were planned. On February 12, Jiangsu entered the semi-finals of the Tianjin team's Beijing team and the Shanghai team in the third phase of the team cross-competition. This season, the league's model is basically stable, and the traditional strong team has a good record, the national team is astonishing, strong foreign aid, the growth of youngsters, and the league's appreciation.

The second phase of the Chinese Women's Volleyball Super League ended 2018-2019 On January 22nd, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsuu went to the third stage. Though the best four rounds have been confirmed after the previous round, the final round of the qualifying round is still very hard, fought for an unprecedented team reward, the advance team is looking for the semi-finals. Good ranks and wars.

On February 12, five games will be played in the third and third round, Tianjin will play against Jiangsu and the Beijing team will play against Shanghai.

The strong team is still strong

In the women's volleyball league this season, 12 out of 12 teams have made their abroad. Even though women's volleyball leagues have started high-quality foreign assistance in a more intensive competition, the weak lag would not change the model.

Last season, Tianjin, Shanghai and Jiangsu replaced the teams, but they went on to become the first quarter-finals to win the competition. . In the league's fourth season last season, Leoning's team had a number of national players, but Din, Yan and other players were injured because of the competitive condition, the team's old and old ones were not soft, but overall strength. Four of the above are missing.

In the past few seasons, the volleyball team in Beijing has been investing in team building, domestic and foreign assistance, with strong backing from the BAIC Group and has not yet participated in the semi-finals. This season, the volleyball team's performance in Beijing is the best, and in the first stage of the Elite competition, they topped the top eight stages. The Beijing team in the second round qualifying round had to face both games but they became more courageous, earning four games and winning the first game of the 5th game on the third stage of the crossover.

Excellent performance

This season's women volleyball league, many teams have done in different and new levels. Many sportspersons played an important role. The young men showed strong opposition in this competition. But new players who are either new or newcomers in the league can still be engraved on the technology level. Du Quining, Kai Yakian, Nai Faifan, Kayak Yakin and Nai Faifan for the women's volleyball training team.

Din Zia, Yan Ni, Yuan Saini, Lee Yenling and other national team members entered the league shortly after the international competition. Most of the Women's Volleyball League's technical stats are among the top in the list. Last season, Tianjin led the team to Lee Wingling. In the first edition of the quarterfinals, Tonin was at the top. Tianjin, Jiangsu and the Beijing 3 teams advanced to the semi-finals. They separated from the performances of Lee Yingi, Wang Yenuyanu, Liu Xiaothot, Zong Chun, Zhang Zhinji and Gong Ziangyi.

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