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Water is difficult to cover! De Gia Contract Agreements, Weekly Salary, Cummile United Parallel Import – Contract

Original title: Very water! The renewables of De Gay, the Shou Wei, the Qiman United parallel

From the start of the new season, the expectations of Manchester United to renew the deal with DeGay, but the renewal of both sides has been eliminated. The British media "Daily Mail" and D Gia are still open to Manchester United, but De Gere will renew his contract with Red Devils at £ 350,000 a day.

Dee Gaeff had always performed well after joining Manchester United, in the summer of 2015, the De Gay team abandoned the deal and then signed an agreement to transfer Manchester United and Real Madrid. Transfer date, so DG Manchester United can only be done. Thereafter, in the summer of 2019, a four-year contract was signed with Gay Manchester United.

In the last three seasons, D-Gay still performed well. This summer and the European League are just an average of the DDG in the World Cup. But in Manchester United repeatedly for extraordinary achievements. . In the Champions League match against the young, Dehria could not beat Manchester United if his opponent scores, and Maureenho also praised Diego.

Manchester United's great authority Dee Gia understands the significance of Muu Shui, so the negotiations will be held in 2019 with the expiry of the deal, but the discussions will not proceed. Though Dehigh's contract has a provision to renew the contract until 2020, Manchester United's aim is to keep the D. Gay long.

The latest news from the British media shows that Manchester United paid £ 275,000 a day for getting dee-gay. But the promise was rejected by Dee Gay. – 350,000 pounds a day. Lukas Shah's salary has increased substantially because the contract is renewing, believing Dee Geh is better than Sanchez. The Manchester United club agreed for Fellaini's debut this summer. Therefore, Bracker is expecting the same treatment in Dehia. Without pay, there is a limit to the renewal of De Gage, and he hopes Manchester United will launch their big plans, with the team winning the championship to play D. Jay.

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