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US space agency selected nine companies

Original title: US The space agency chose 9 companies for Chanchal Services

The 29th NASA announced that the agency's Lunar had selected nine US companies to auction a multi-starter service. Most of these are startups. This is the future of the future of American astronomers on the Moon and Mars.

The "Business Moon Load Service" project will cost $ 2.6 billion over the next 10 years, including a range of services including load integration and operations, pelud lounges and lunar landings. NASA hopes that the next year itself will take over the landline delivery mission of the lunar surface.

"This is the advance of the United States, which is returning to the surface of the moon and staying on the moon," NASA Director Jim Brendanstein said. The "Business Lunar Load Service" project first sends the lunar light and gives a relatively short load, after which the lighter metals will be loaded into the moon.

American arms giant Lockheed Martin, one of the nine choice companies, is Draft, Deep Space Systems, Aerospace Robotics, Firearms Space, Input Machines, Mustaun Space Systems, and Moon. Track and track beyond.

Bidinstein said that most companies involved in bidding have not made complex missions on this scale. But for these companies, venture capital is similar, high risk and higher returns.

The major commercial and commercial companies in the United States, Space Exploration Technologies, and Blue Origins are not listed in the list of bidding companies. NASA announces that most companies will be reviewed periodically to allow them to participate in "commercial venture services."

In September of that year, NASA announced that he would land on the moon again before 2030. For this purpose, the US space agency launches and merges the lunar orbit platform called "Deep Space Portal" as a "transfer station" for landing.

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