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Original Title: The Story of Reforming the 40th Anniversary of General Secretary Xi Jinping Renaming and Creating the Spirit of Reformation – Opportunity to Create the Greatness of the Spirit Created stronger effect from all aspects of life

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In relation to the 40th anniversary of the reform, General Secretary urged the main speech of the GCP, the great importance of progress, and the enormous influence. The belief and determination of the masses of the masses of masses for strengthening and opening up the new era is further strengthening. We all forget the early heart, remember the mission, work together, work hard and write a chapter of the New Age Agreement.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the reform and openness of the last 40 years and the creation of a new era from the New Year to the beginning of the new era began to attract people to a glorious history of the people. Write a song of praise and enthusiasm.

The last 40 years have been revived and open, and in the recent past, the fight against poverty has begun.

In a speech by General Secretary Xi Jinping in Ningxia Suinging town, it is difficult to get rid of poverty and become wealthy, helping villagers to help the rich.

World General Secretary Xi Jinping said China's development could not be separated from the world. China needs a lot of the world's prosperity.

The 40-year upgrade was opened and "a belt and one road" was built, which cut short the distance between China and the world and became the port that opened many territories. The masses and the people said that they could continue to develop new reforms in the new era and move forward and advance the big business of reforms.

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