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Economic Monitoring Online reporter Zimin At 8 pm on January 22, Geneva Group chief Sheen Youngsing was not present in the media conference.

Over the past 20 days, the SEZIG-based housing company did not know the public and would have been worried about selling fraud and stock prices. A media conference held on January 21 at the Investment Summit in Hong Kong was held at JiaXing in Chejiang.

The Juyoin Group explained that "the company's legal advice is that it is harmful to produce Shen," the reason why Shane was not showing him. The Juyuan Group said the stock price has fallen short of information about the shirts selling. The debt burden of 350 billion dollars was completely repaid.

Production from the China Real Estate Enterprises Sales Ltd, Kee Eru, came from 35.5 per cent to 87.55 billion yuan. According to Kerry's latest ranking in 2017, Jianan International's sales were 7.92 billion yuan.

In 2018, Housing Development Sector has announced a growth of 1005% in Housing Development Estimates of Housing Development Workers Announcement. This doubts emerged of the performance of the group.

On January 17, the price of Jiaoyan International fell by 80.62 percent. Market Price HK $ 26.3 billion evaporated. According to the Gianyar Group, Jiahuan Group's 2017 model was the best selling of Jiauan International in 2017, while Jianna Group was ranked the worst in terms of performance in 2017. Compare the subject.

According to the Giants' group, the sale of $ 87.55 billion in 2018 is divided into three parts. Complete the real estate dealer of Jiauan Shuangshi (Jeyuan Group Parent Company), Mainland JIAA International Real Estate Sales and Non-Hold Project Companies. Projects to meet the needs of the integrated project (shareholders ratio is below 50%). In the year 2017, the sale of Jianya Group was 50.825 billion yuan. The real growth was 72.2 per cent.

At the 21st Investment Summit, Shin Yinging said, "The stock is a short-selling agency, it's a fraud-selling agency, and it's misleading investors." At a news conference on June 22, the Gene Group said: "We need to know why stock is like this from the point of view of Giueu. . "

On January 18, JIANYAN INTERNATIONAL stock was up by 74.6 per cent. According to Hong Kong Stock Exchange Equity Declaration, on January 17, Shine Yks and Jiaoyuan International's shareholding of the joint venture with 93.62 million yuan, the HR $ 2.7611, reduced the share ratio by 258 million Hong Kong to 51.1 percent.

On January 21, CEO of Suah Siyonan, CEO of International, said: On January 17, Jianan International's short-term firms had spent Shin Yeking's stocks selling both short selling and lowering stock prices. A small part of the stock (93.62 million shares) was shut down. Susho Zionano said, "The risk is that Shen Yoks is currently not obliged to liquidate Jiahua International shares.

On January 22, Jiaeyun International had declined 22.59 per cent, and announced a short-term suspension of Jiaoyan International Holdings after the afternoon. Shan Uxing was raised to 51.92% to 52.86% for Minhyuan Investment Owned by Shin Yeking.

Jianya Group admits that Jiauyuan Shuangshing has been influenced by changes in stock price and public opinion. Jianyang Zhungshung shortly broke off 500 million yuan short term financing: "Investors should take into consideration and investors should think calmly, and this whole topic influences our entire bond." This debt will not affect our funds, but we are still trying to digest this component, mainly the income of the sales funds. "

Jijiani group claims that Jianyang Shuangshing is worth about 2.5 billion yuan this year. Total exercise is 5 billion yuan. Most of these are concentrated in July and October. In the third quarter of 2018, the asset liability ratio of Juan Chungcheong was around 77%. "We plan for the Authority to issue new debt and old loans this year."

Yin Linging, general manager of the Capital Management Department of the Gene Group, says that the issue of the GUI will be 3 billion yuan on the plan. Now there is no need to pump money into financial institutions.

In 2018, Forbes ranked China's wealthiest list, Shun Yiking, head of Jia'o, with 25.53 billion Unilevers at the 62nd position and four of its listed companies. It is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and is a large real estate business platform. It's about 20% of the total Jiavu Real Estate business. In addition, Boone Holdings, US Tin Mine, ASX and West Valley Digital are included in this list.

The Jiaoyuan International also has two different management teams, but the actual controllers are Sheen Yliking.

In the year 2018, GIAN Group plans to sell 100 billion yuan, but the final result is 87.55 percent. According to the Jianya Group, the total business income of Jainon (including real estate) is 105.6 billion yuan. Based on a recent series of events, the GLU is targeting 12% growth. "We can not be able to refer to the real estate market now."

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