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Three years ago, two people lost their lives in the university firefire, 70 years ago.

Original title: Beed Yench When 70 years old, the lowest family in the comic dialog missed two people in three months

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In morning morning morning, Diane's comedian actor Gao Feng Weibo reported in the third generation of Changs Comic Dialogue, who died at 76 in the morning. Chang Boehaw, who died in the first quarter of September, and Chong Jia, has gone to two old gentlemen within three months.

    On the left, Chong Boehwa, Chang Boson, Chang Guidian and others. On the left, Chong Boehwa, Chang Boson, Chang Guidian and others.

Traditional comic dialogue had always had three families, Hu Jia, Ma Jia and Chang Jia. If you say the family is the most comic actor, the Changs will not go.

    Chong Jia (central) Chong Jia (central)

Chang Lian A is the founder of Chang Jiah. After the reign of Zhang Chan Emperor in the 22nd year of the Republic of China, the Chang Lian began living with the Comic Dialogue. Changlian Anu has six sons. Chong Boson, Chang Balon, Chang Boson, Chang Bowow, Chan Boowing, all these six brothers in the comic dialog circle everyone can play "10", the biggest son is Chang Boson. How strong is the current Guo Degang.

Chong Shengchan was a 9-year-old teacher who was known as "Chang Mushroom", also known as Chang Boson, a teacher who is 9 years old and says that his style of expression is very smooth and comical, he is a group of people.

During the Japanese puppet, "Lord" courageously challenged the Japanese, pseudo-females, "toothpaste" and "bridge ticket", then he was beaten and assaulted. After he was released, he was forced to speak to the Communist Party's cross. In 1951, he died in a mourning assassination attempt against American Agrigation and Aid, who died of martyrdom and was 29 years old.

    Chang Boson was in the forefront of DPRK. Chang Boson was in the forefront of DPRK.

In addition to Chan bogon, Siangxing's ordinary family and Chong Bohau of the Cuckoo group, Chan Bahon, the invisible cultural heritage tradition, and Guang Deeng's enlightenment teacher Chang Bugofeng.

Another contributor to the crossing debate is the establishment of the Chroming tea house.

    Chaim's Lian is in Qiming Tea House. Chaim's Lian is in Qiming Tea House.

The Beijing Tea House in Beijing was in Beijing for ten years from 1939 to 1948. It is a Professional Cross-Toc Performance Team. There are 20 comedians singing every day at the height of fire. Liu Borowi, Gua Khanbao, and others are known as the Degun Society.

In the Qing tea tea founder, Chang Liangens has made three laws: first, the entire paragraph to wear a long gown, the second one is the way to life's path, and the third can not be heard by women for clearing the crossword speech.

These three laws are believed to be the most basic and standard cross-talk performance team, cross-talk show six or seven years ahead of the queuing Tea House Deane.

Some people say that development of cross-discussion can not be separated from home and can not be separated from Guo Degang via ZTE. In the relation between Chang Ji and Guo Deeng, it is actually contradictory.

Guava Dagang, a 9-year-old man, also known as Gua Daagang. He smiled along the cross of the lecture. His father persuaded him to visit his father's family, while Chong Boufang had a good foundation for him, leaving cross-talk expertise. Chong Buffon Guava DeGang is a professor of comic conversation even though there is no formal training.

    Chang Bouffing Chang Bouffing

This is a kind of sponsorship, whether chhal bhawoo's gloss is holding in Guangzhou or Guangdiyang. Gogo DeGong once said publicly that Chan Bo'a is "the first person to own". For the home, Guo Degang has a little respect in his heart.

    Chang Boehawa (left), Gua Deighing Chang Boehawa (left), Gua Deighing

Chang is not only the friend of Changampuzha, but also a normal personality of his parents, and teacher of Haug Yao, the teacher of Changampuzha.

In 1958 he was a creative and creative man who joined the Chinese People's Liberation Army Naval Polish Department Cultural and Art Trophy. "Trump Sound", "Power Research" and "I Wish You". Good work that you are familiar with.

    Chang Guidhyan Chang Guidhyan

In traditional art forms, a "good hand", like Chang Guytian, is already a renowned family. At the stage of modern comedy there is a place for the family of Changampuzha.

In May 2018, Chong's comedy dialogue and the inaugural ceremony of national poetry were presented at Tianjin. Eyewitnesses still make their debut for generations of Jinong Kun, Feng Gong, Yang Shouhou, Shi Fungi, Li Jintao, and other prominent comedians.

You will not know the name of the friend chunk, but you may know "Charlie Tutt" about "Muslim" Meng Tegia. The happy twisted signature is the fourth generation of Chan Boehu's grandson and the chong comedy.

    At the Sharjat tray, Chong Yuen wins Meng Tegia. At the Sharjat tray, Chong Yuen wins Meng Tegia.

Chan Juan once said in an interview: "Making me uninteresting is more than encouraging me." (I) fear the granddaughter, I go to the discos to speak. "The thickness and high standards of comic art remain for decades, and it is essential for the day when the normal blood is involved in the blood.

Careful recollections are still reminiscent of Chang Yuan Chan Boeha in an interview section involving hawk comedy's third season. Gua Deeng was called a "master" at that time. If Chap Ugan's granddaughter asks if he wants to come on the "Happy Comedy" stage, Chong Bohwa said "good" to provoke audiences! Later, Chang Boehhai appeared in Chang Young's "Road to Comedy" role. It is naturally appreciated by Amway of Neighbors.

    Chan Juan (left) and his grandfather Chang Boehwa are at the same platform. Chan Juan (left) and his grandfather Chang Boehwa are at the same platform.

I do not know whether the mosque is going to open the church, and there are many folk artists who passed away in 2018. . . . . . The highest time in the Diane Society is:

"2018 is fast, Mr. Chan is good!"

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