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This policy is completely lost! One House Enterprises – One House Enterprises


Original title: This policy is totally gone! Buy a home,

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Text / Gou Tianji

The three companies – Commercial Housing, Land and Housing Enterprises – are in the final phase.

The risk is very large as the real estate gets worse.

On November 14, the Bureau of Statistics released macro data on real estate from January to October. The growth rate of commerce for three consecutive months continues to decline. Commercial house sales stood at 1,33117 million square meters, 2.2 percent year-on-year growth and growth rate fell 0.7 percent from January to September. Since 2018, the growth rate of commercial commerce has gone up by 4%. Growth in the first seven months of this year was 4.2 per cent. In the first 10 months, it decreased from 2.2 to 2.2. The last three months are negative growth.

Land dealer price and land acquisition process for real estate projects also decreased in the sale of commercial housing.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, in the housing sector, it took 21,963,000 square meters. The year has seen an increase of 15.3 per cent. From January to September, the growth rate declined by 0.4 per cent. Land transactions were 1,169.5 billion, 20.6 per cent increase and growth rate was 2.1 per cent.

Housing enterprises are more logical, and premium rate auctions are low, which is not quite appropriate for local governments.

The most exciting thing is that the housing companies wait for a large amount of blood supply and be ready for the end of the year.

Large blood and housing projects in the sprint year

Since October, a number of housing firms have received massive assistance from bonds over the past two weeks and the credit limit for lending.

On November 15th, Longu Group has issued two bond orders for two days in a row. 5.5 Billion Third-Year Corporate Bonds and 5 Billion Home Housing Special Bonds. They declared that day to issue senior notes of dollars. 400 million US dollars will be printed for senior banknotes. Jindalai Triffe Group has declared 9.85% annual interest rate.

On November 13, Huaweiia Happiness announced that the CSRC had agreed to distribute 8 billion corporation bonds. Sunshine City announced that Shenzhen will list 1.1 billion corporate bonds in the stock exchange in November 2018. This gives a 7.5% coupon rate.

On November 8, Huiyuan Real Estate paid 8 million dollars an unsafe fixed rate bond booking price on November 8. Coupon rate is 11%.

From November 6 to 8, Jiananfa has issued three billion bonds continuously.

The homegrown companies like the Bingjiang Group, Lujijui, Longjithaih, Longhu have financed more than 100 million dollars.

Housing companies with very strict capital networks can eventually experience a hardship.

The new round of housing financing has two specifications: First of all, the amount is financing and secondly, the cost of financing is higher.

Figures by the same Institute of Policy showed that the cost of financing of homeowners reached a historic segment in October. Jencheng Company Ltd, Evergrant, has the highest financial cost of senior notes at 13.75%. According to a report by the 58 Housing Research Institute, 50 Best Sales Product Costs During January-September period of 2018, one per cent jumped by 30 per cent over the same period last year.

The housing chain is quiet, the land auction market is in the winter. The winter shooting this year was earlier. According to the latest figures from the Central Reference Hospital, the total tranche of the land decreased by 25% to 236.1 billion yuan in October 300. This is 40% less than last year.

Over the past two years, housing companies have arrived at the moment of the transformation by developing "three increments" (high turnover, high-yielding high rates of debt). Small and medium-sized housing enterprises in the head camp can not enter, moneylessness and limitations are just life. Headroom ventures such as Vanke, in order to sell prices in certain areas, speed up sales of funds, and need to fund the cost of quality land.

Agency fees were against this trend.

The intermediary headquarters is out of sync with the housing fund's hove.

On November 15, Shanghai Residence Reserved 3% of Chain Home House transaction, 2% on buyer and one per cent for sellers. Previous buyers and sellers and every 1% of households are committed to the buyer. At present, 3% of the total will be converted to the buyer's price.

The second housing housing price and volumes reflect real market expectations. Particularly, the second housing volume in the shadows is much higher than the first placeholder's volume.

The intermediate fees for second homes in Shanghai are relatively low in four tier cities prior to arbitration rates. The second housing agency in Beijing is 2.7 per cent. The average standard for Shenzhen and Guangzhou is 3 per cent.

The second housing market in Shanghai has dropped at least two months, but the chain agency has raised the fee.

According to the second housing index office data in Shanghai, the number of residential trainers living in Shanghai was 1,1980, down 13.95 percent. The transaction of the transactions amounted to 15.65% In October, the second housing house in Shanghai in the first three quarters was less than the 13,500 average monthly average, and it still adjusts.

The spring river plastic, the intermediary, first felt the cold winds of the market, and the network to do so is because there is a belief.

The Chain Base Camp is located in Beijing. In March 2015, Chain Dau was acquired. The five-year-old chains were expanded four times. The five years after the mergers and acquisitions, Shanghai's chain market share was only 33 per cent in the first half of 2018. .

Similarly, the chain owner can raise the agency fee.

The November season is the season of developers who are busy in the traditional season and season. Chain Homes are compulsory with their own losses, the need to withdraw the low-cost liability transfers of the blood market, first the agency fee increases and the market slowly diversifies, and the listing price for the owners of that year will be a regular one.

The difference Cha has a strong market sound and the seller has a bigger effect. When the market is tired, the seller's two expectations will be lost, not the sale of the home and the agency fee will be reduced.

Agency fees increases the waiting and mood of the buyer, the salesman's anxiety will be released.

The mortgage interest rate was finally lost

The good news is that the mortgage interest rate is blocked.

360 observations show that the country's first home loan interest rate has lasted 22 months. In October 2018, the average interest rate for the first home loan rose to 1.165 from 5.71 per cent, up from 0.18 per cent earlier. Last year, the interest rate for first home loan rose to 5.74 per cent from 7.74 per cent.

The real estate market is cooling, the bank mortgages reserve the interest rate. In October, the first home loan rate was shown to have reduced the number of banks to 19.

"Urban Express" began in October, and the interest rate for some of the first home loans of some of Hong Kong's deposit was relaxed. In the first phase, the ICBC, Bank of China Branches, the CBB, Agricultural Bank, China Merchants Bank and HSBC have recently arranged for the second phase.

How did you do that? Is this down?

The price and real estate policies of housekeeping, climate change, raising head and mortgage interest rates and U-turn are fast. Besides Hango, Xiaiman and Nanjing also loaned.

The lowest interest rate for several banks' first home loans, including China Construction, Post, Merchant, People's LliL, SINGH, Qinmain, has been repaid to the benchmark interest rate.

Earlier this morning, Nanjing had said that some banks have reduced their first lending rate by 25 to 25 per cent, down 16 per cent.

By 2016, the city of Nanjing is the largest in the country. The double-limit policy includes half of the country's half ten. Now that practice was effective, the local merchants began to enter the market.

"China Real Estate News" became the first local failure of the Future Villa of Qoegan Port. On April 15, 2016, the G 09 Plot, a 22,353 yuan / square meter, was the first batch list price of 25,884 yuan / sq m on September 11, 2017. It is 3,500 yuan / sq m.

When the king of the land takes you captive and talked to you, when you entered the marketplace, it was filled with tears.

As the years progress, rich big housing companies are joining hands with local governments. They will try to increase their home price and screen the actual demands. The need for improvement is now out.Go back to Soho and see more

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