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This book is angry with Kobe, the book exits, and why do you join the hot search now? – Inaccurate information

Vulture player Jeremy Lin Lakers's new book "Mamba Spiritin" took off. "Thank you @KobeBryant for giving me this new book!"

Thank you Jeremy Lin Cobain for giving me a book

Kuba's autobiography is "Mamba Spirit", he personally writes himself and describes Mamba's soul. After the publication of the publication in October this year, sales were popular, and the Chinese version produced by Tencent Sports, and the Tenzent Sports basketball ball editor Huangwei also translates. It is reported that Jeremy Linwood's book is being sent to the Kobe team.

Then & # 39; Jin Shuoh Cow & # 39; The hot search in the web has become a hot topic in social media.

Why are Jeremy Lynn and Kobe seen in hot search? I'm afraid to start from the hatred of two men –

Jericho Lynn scored 38 points in the match against Kobe and Lekkers

The classic match of Nickels against Nichols on February 11, 2012 is Jeremy Lynn's last highest ever career. Lino's crazy cyclist league was circulated in that period, and before the gaming a reporter told Cobain's comments to Jericho: "Can not I know who Jeremy Lynn is?"

Kobe's attitude is Jeremy Lynn: "I was very angry, so I tried to be very extremist, and I'm still shooting." He played 38 minutes in that game and scored 13 goals in 23 shots. The Nixis, along with 7 assistants, 4 rebounds and 2-winners, have won four consecutive victories after beating Kobe Bryant's Lakers. Kobe scored 34 points before Jeremy Linus.

After the game, a good reporter interviewed Cobain, and when he evaluated Jeremy Lin, Koby was very angry: "He's gonna have an impression of 38 points and I can say anything else?"

Jeremy Linwin has always been a special effort against each of the leaks. In the summer of 2014, the story turned out to be a little break. Lockers approached a deal with Rocket and signed a contract with Jeremy Lin. But as I expected, Jeremy Lin's departure to Los Angeles was far more difficult than expected, and in the end it was in vain.

Jeremy Lynn and Cobby later joined the team

In the first 20 matches of the season, when Jeremy Lynn became the first game, Layers scored only 5 records and 15 defeats, making him the first to replace Leer's after Jeremy Lynn replaced him. The relationship with the team Bose Kobe has always been very intuitive.

Linus Schuyo, who scored 3 points in the 11th Day of 2014, Kobe Bryant Jerie Lin asked, but the ball passed to Jordan Hill but missed the Hill shot but Giszysz was behind and gave Randolph a goal. Corb Bryant is a madman on the bench with Jeremy Lin.

Leakesh took a lead with the Leker's home match against Nagpur on 23 November. Germany defeated Nageshats. Naggers knocked two times and brought it to the game over time. Kobe's performance with Jeremy Lin was very hot. "You hit me XX!" The atmosphere was so troubled by Cobain's explosion.

Kobe is dissatisfied with Jericho

On January 2, 2015, the match between learkes and the guerrillas made me so angry that it was the last minute of the game, leading the lead by Greysleigh's Leader Linee. It seems that I did not recognize that, and Cobby finally allowed him to play the game, and after the fall Kobe shook his head. It was the last straw that overtook Cobain and Jeremy Lin in the then-leaker coach Byron Scot.

In this sense, Jeremy Lynn does not eat this set. Even in interviews, Kobe says he should not marry his classmates. Tee Bose in the media has no courage to challenge publicly, in fact, his backslash. From then on, the situation did not deteriorate in development, but it collapsed on the summer of the summer with Jeremy Lin Lakers and moved to Hornets, and joined the hearth, "I finally got the new sky!"

Jeremy leaves liners

But in the 2014-15 season, Jerichin did not get anything, Kobe played in the side and learned much. His leg strength training and training and training sid'dhiccappeal was very detail himself, knew how to protect his will listen to the details of the body "- sinsea said." Every time the game is completed, Kobe, video, see, listen to music, sleep, and play on his computer, usually by plane and car planner Ukal see and hear the video. I've also seen the video of the game at the end of each game. "

Jeremy Lin, Cobb

When Cobain retired from the NBA, his story for Jerryini ended. At this time, Kobe took the initiative to send a book to Jeremy Lin. Lino gave a book in Shuo Weiou, a gift from which to smile. The story of Kobe and Jeremy Lynn has to leave the past and open a new chapter.

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