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The difference between Chinese and Iranian stars is not small, but the Iranian star is a super team.


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January 23, 2019 10:29 Source: Guangzhou Daily Participate in intervention

The difference between Chinese and Iranian players is not small.

Iranian footballers are more valuable than the national football team

Asia Cup is the best Asian team in Asia, Asia's next Asian Cup. Compared to strength, there is a big difference between the two teams that compare prices between China and Iran.

The Iranian team paid € 58.15 million. Team Star Jahan Bachch is 18 million euros. Jahan Bachch plays the Premier League brigade for the golden boots. He is the best player in Asian Football. The 24.5 year old Azizkutty is worth 9.5 million euros. In addition, the Iranian team has 12 players of millions of euros.

The total value of the Chinese team is € 15.85 million. Lee is worth 3.5 million euros. The team's main goalkeeper, Jane Jungling, is now 800,000 euros. In addition, Shang Lin

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