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The cartoonist was finally over 57 years old

Finally, another was fun and we heard about the scouting creator that everyone knows. A scoped author is sad at 57. Nevertheless, he left us with childhood memories. Memorable.

The famous American cartoonist Stephen Helenberg died at the age of 27, and Scotland and his works were a world-renowned man. According to the report of the media, Helenberg had been gradually frozen in March last year. He was admitted in the middle of the 26th of this month.

SpongeBob creator died

As we all know, Scotchts liked the kids, it was released in 1999 and still continues. We all believe that he designed the most important part of an animation that could enjoy from 0 to 100 years. We believe that the world is a tragedy, even if the comic master has gone to the bottom of the sea. Near the pineapple house, you can enjoy the world of blessing.

SpongeBob creator died

Many people think they are better, each for the big star, the brother of the octopus and its own characteristics, which is very interesting. I will not help him, but he should thank him for the joy he brought with us, and like all the characters I did not take the pet of the pet of the cook, wife of a chef's wife, Karen.

Fifty years later, I'm trying to cast a character on this character. Sending big stars is sad, but this is not like me.

Creates large cartoon memories

So, as we heard that SpongeBob creator died, our childhood memories are unforgettable and at the age of 57 it is still our good memories.

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