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The Asian Cup will play again in the tournament


The Asian Cup used to reuse the Chinese finy echelon

On January 21 at 11:30 in the Said Sports City Stadium in Abu Dhabi, the team of Kyrgyz team won the Australian team with 3 to 2 goals. Final.

Though the game is the latest game from the start of the competition, many Chinese reporters have come to see the game. They do not care much about the results, but they focus on a group of referees of the Chinese Football Association in the Law Enforcement Contest.

Two referees Ma Ning, Fu Ming, two assistant referee Haww Weming and Kao U have performed well in the Asian Cup. FIFA recently released a new edition of the International Elite Referee list, and invited the best of the participants to participate in the FIFA referendum seminar in Doha next month.

Competition performance

4 Chinese Referee Law Enforcement 1/8 Final

It is not difficult to see the reliability of the AFC in them.

The AFC deliberately recruited 30 member referees and 30 assistant referees from member associations to make a good job in the Asian Cup law enforcement work. The Chinese Football Association's referee has a total of 4 finalists. Mafung and Fu Ming are referees. Asif Referee Huawe Weiming, Kao Yu. The Chinese Football Association's in-house referee team's leaders have recently been referring to domestic professional league games, AFC Elite refeels and various AFC elite referees.

The Chinese Football Association referee has not been referee within 12 years before the Asian Cup tournament from the Asia Cup Cup of the Super League Golden Sentinel in 2007 was set up. Event. On the eve of January 9, another record in the first round of Qatar team against Lebanese team ended with another Super Gold Wisil Ma Ning. Three days later, his partner Phun Ming executed the second round of the group match between Yemen and Iraq as a referee. On 21st evening, UAE hosted the third and third final of Kyrgyzstan team to the third place in the UAE Football Booking Referee Law Enforcement Competition. The 21st census took place, and the Chinese Football Association's registered referees took part in five Asian Cups.

The Chinese Football Association will use referee ARC for Asian Cup. Before the Asian Cup Law Enforcement Committee, several major international games such as Ma Nine, Fu Ming, and Kao U have been extended to 7 to 8 years of legal experience, and the business experience is much more prosperous and the referee rules are more relatable. However, the Chinese Football Association has ruled that the Asia Cup law will not allow the team to play in four years interval. According to the "Careful Improvement and the Fruit from Bread", they regularly appeared during the Asia Cup law enforcement stage.

The referee and the Asian team were approved by the AFC teams in their group structure and their team. It is possible to participate in the eighth final match of the China Football Association's fourth referee host. It is not difficult to see that the referee has full faith.

Future expectations

FIFA reached the elite referee list

Foo Maa Communist will be held in World Football

Recently, FIFA has released a new edition of the International Elite Referee list. Next month invited the best of people to attend the FIFA referendum seminar in Doha. FIFA's seminar was a special project for selecting referees in the Qatar World Cup in 2022. The FIFA Elite Referee team will get opportunities to implement the 2022 Qatar Cup World Cup. It not only serves Manvine, Fu Ming, Huawei Wiming, Kao U and great encouragement of the China Football Association to further refine the work.

Special training will be given to AFC for the main referee at Doha's seminar. Chinese Football Association in Insurance Referee Ma Ning is best known. Qatar's jasmine is the Oman's craft, Australia's Bit, Singapore's tackle, Kim Donggin in South Korea and the Asia Cup law. Jordan Marc Hudmeh of Opener

Fu Ming appeared as video assistant referee in the six video referee teams recommended by the AFC. The other five are Qatar, UAE, Japan, South Korea and Australia. Assistant referee is not included today. Doha is not participating in the seminar.

After the 2018 World Cup in Russia, 12 young people selected in the VR referee and engaged in law enforcement, others from the Asian participated in the World Cup. No references of law enforcement activities have been selected.

In the 2002 World Cup, referee Lou June played for the first time in China Law Enforcement World Cup. After 17 years, the football referee has been influencing the World Cup again to the FIFA Elite Referee list, and the Chinese referee is part of the first rush of the World Cup.

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Local Time AFC On January 22 The Asian Cup Organizing Committee completed the referee schedule at the quarterfinals of the tournament. Qatar Jasim confirmed the match between the Chinese team and the Korean team in the Enforcement match. Iranian team has been appointed in quarterfinals. Evaluate from previous legal environments, the king is not "friendly" to the Chinese team, but seeks the nephew of the Qatar referee Chinese team in various societies of Asian Football.

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