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Steel production is expected to decline.


Original title: Institutional: Steel price determines the price of the steel market to move downwards

Business News January 22


On January 18, CCB Futures participated in the annual investing strategy. The tendency of black system to be discussed in detail. On January 19th, Nanu futures goods futures and financial derivatives forum decided precisely the black market.

"Great progress" in price movements

Head Heppen of Black Research in the CCB Futures said in a meeting of the Investment Strategy Report on CCB Futures. After three years of supply capacity, capacity and environmental protection, the domestic steel production capacity is expected to be settled by 2019. India's crude steel production grew to 81.3 million tonnes from 80 million tonnes in the month. In November, it increased to 82.55 million tonnes, down from 77.62 million tonnes in November and crude steel production will not be expected significantly in 2019. The business network is "mainly asking" from "mainstream looking".

"Distribution in the last three years, future demands." Analysis Viaggs Yogosong is of the same view. The South China Futures Commodity Futures and Financial Derivative Forum Forenate Winks believe that steel production in the last three years is estimated at 1.5 trillion tons / year, 140 million tons / year in the first half of 2017. Strengthening of productivity capacity and delivery system continues. In the last three years, market distribution has been distributed.

(Article Source: Future Day)

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