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Sejiang Satellite TV The "Youth Tour" Wang Kai Sin is performing in great numbers

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May 18
The Sejiang Satellite TV and the cultural tourism exploration program "Youth Tour" will be broadcast on May 18th and 20:30 pm. The Youth Tour Group went to the ancient capital of Cisian, the 13th dynasty of Wang Ki, Wu Jinjian, Lin Yin, Wu Ducson, Fan Wei, Hu Xiaoyu, Song Mingrui, and Duan Miang. The ancient monuments of modern history and the modern city were explored thousands of years ago. . Tang Feng Yuon thinks that the "ancient meaning of chantu" is still today. "Youth League" to enjoy "the beauty of the Tang Dynasty" by Tau Juan, Jiang Mingu, Zhou Yuki and Mangjia Youth. In this episode, six male guests made their first personal battle, featuring classics such as "The Legend of the New White Lady", "The Westway Journal", "The Legend of the Sword and the Shivleros Man" and "The Conor Hero". Visit Tagore's Fang Garden and Huangking palace to learn about tag makeup, sword dance, humanities and customs. Understand the beauty of the Tang Dynasty through this route. Great music and dance in the Tang Dynasty.

Wang Kai's "mysterious mission" was introduced with Lin Yun's team

Wait for the fiancé to dance the Vine genius

At the last event, Van Kai got a "mysterious mission" to leave Ning and head to Siaz. He turned to Sian in the middle of the road and held a heated discussion on the Internet. "We want to know where KG was gone," Netizens said. The "Youth Sponsor" Sena Weibo Fan Uses unveiled this suspense. Cian – "The Beautiful of Daming" invites Wang Kay to join Core's creative team to perform with the project group, combined with joint team with extensive music and dance. Wang Kai immediately agreed, but at the same time he invited the initiator to continue as co-ordinator of the group. "All the members of the Youth Tour Group" will be executed by Wu Jinan, Fan Wei, Jiang Mengu, Song Mingrui, "Li Reenging", Wei Daxon, Lin Yoon and Dudjuan. The Song of Evelynical Taur will feature Hu Xianqi, Meng Jia, Zhou Yuki and Duan Miyang. Wang Kai and Lin Yun again have been "team-mates" again. After the first two periods of the two, mental retardation continues. In "Aay Mein Jan", both of them should be "friends", help one another, get one wheat, and one block the other teams, "fighting force" is full.

One of the major performances of the "Big Tangy Beauty" performance, the picture of Wu Jinan dancer, the television drama, the beautiful and beautiful image will be replaced and wearing the Tang Dynasty dresses. Her dance was introduced by Wu Jinan, sex, feminine, dance and dance. This is a very tangible style. Fan Weiway, a member of the same team, will be performing in a beautiful and youthful drumming performance with Song Mingroi in helping Wu Jian.

Wei Daxon Fan Wei Hu is in the customs of the Zionist Tang Dynasty

Beautifully pets came up beautifully

In tango makeup experience, boys and boys will be ready personally for the guests. Vai Dixon, Fan Wei, Hu Xiqhi often steal "a man's aesthetic aesthetic". "You hate me," said Duju, "you beat up Dickson, for inspiring members to laugh." After that, learn about the popular vehicles that are popular in the Tang Dynasty and use drawn sword dance movements.

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In addition to the four women's guests who participated in the event, the event was organized to attend the event in the six guests. Wang Ki "first came into being", who chose a short legged cue against his long legs, and in the process he raised with dogs over time. Fan Wei had a cooperative election during the summer, although formerly cooperated, the cat is "not interested" in his front and plays with other friends. When will the fi-fi fall in beauty again when the story happens? Everyone will be surprised at Wang Kai's first "mutuality" performance as a staging coordinator for the big event. How is the "Young Tour Group" performed to reach audiences? More exciting content, today at 20:30, Zhejiang Satellite TV Look at the "Youth Tour" for the third time.

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