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New feature of "Green Manston Grinch" is the daily social fear – European and American comics – cnBeta.COM

An animated comedy film 'Green Manston Grinch' produced by Light Entertainment and Universal Pictures will be released on December 14th in the domestic movie.Today's film "Beer Man" special, "volume blanking" Benedict Kumble batch says the character is odd and the greenwich sensitive can be adapted to all.

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Grinche's voice "volume"

In the new edition of the special series, the main creations of the film created the Tako Conference, and made his comedies more appealing, responding to the strange character of Grinch, and his many tactics were filled with laughing atmosphere, "Seon Darren". This is a strong opposite of the "grazing of living" on the other side of the grin. This is one of the main reasons for his interest.

Another reason for the fame of Grinch is that, for the striving to steal Christie's revolutionary attitudes, and those who stand in the social pressures of the modern society, feel the same emotions, and blessings can not help, and echoes the grinch. "Everybody in the festive atmosphere, especially humility and anguish, is the grant, the emotional expression of the revolutionaries, the innumerable desirable people who want to be" the breath "in the excitement, we all can" directly from the grin. "

"Green Man's Grinch" tells the story of Grinch, who lives alone in the Green Cave, due to his dissatisfaction, Hu Town is celebrating an unprecedented Christmas and uses various techniques to steal the Christmas story. In the atmosphere of joy and warmth, the picture has created an unusual image of Grinch. The film was released at the box office at the box office with a cost of 66 million dollars, making $ 217 million worldwide.

Green Manston Grinch is the eighth animated film produced by Light Entertainment and Universal Pictures. In the past two years, the box office has earned great words and words. "Stella Dad 3" is in the world. He won the box office more than $ 1.034 billion, his "Little Yellow Man" became an animated character, and "Love Pet Secret" broke the record of the original North American movie. Produced by the original series Daddy Daddy, the film is produced by Chris Murdon Dirty founder of Light Entertainment.

China will release on December 14, 2018 in major theaters in mainland China. The Green Masters Grunge is made by combining lighting entertainment and universal images in America.

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