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Netizen Screenshots Leave Evidence! The 65-year-old girl, who was born in Célévilleâ € ™ s Chenk, was suspected

The father of the father's father has become unexpected and the father of the 65-year-old Singapore is rich. 32-year-old Hong Kong singer Liang Yeping is the father of the child.

Scylla Chung was shocked by the birth of her third child, but the baby's father became his parents secretly and his father was a 65-year-old Singapore Maharajah who was a father of 32-year-old Hong Kong singer Liang Yeping Kang along with Zinkila Chiyung. But Weibo, a young girl who was suspicious of the suspicious girl, wrote: "It does not matter, rumored." : "Do not shoot me, do not blame me, do not interact with my boyfriend!" The rumors were the rumors that the 25th Cellilia chong was built, the same day the Liang Yepeng was very active in Weibo and no hint of protest, but the rumors were not broken!

Reliable sources have confirmed that CELULIA CHANG was linked with a wealthy man earlier this year. So she regularly flies to Hong Kong and Singapore. Once she went to a private club with her lover, but her former husband was Nicholas S.

"Shenniy Chiang" has been exempted from this birth, and "Shen Yin" has been exempted for months, and the old posts of personal accounts like Igu and Weibo have been deleted and shared with their mothers, two boys, they sat down, covered the body, told her that she was "trying to have a sister first" The drainage is pulling out. In September, when the tip of the tip of the tip of the tip of the monkeys was hiking, the social platform was rarely updated, but the photograph was uploaded backwards.

However, some netizens doubt the story of pointing out the photo of a person playing the pool revealed in her last posts "The Baby Dad."

(Photo: archive photo)
Some netizens revealed the old post of Cecilia Chung, the man in the photograph suspects the boy's father. (Photo: network photo)
(Photo: archive photo)

When Célélie Chung's mother appeared at the show in March, she told her about his daughter's affair and told her girlfriend her daughter was a "65-year-old Singapore". But Shangi Mum later changed her mouth and later followed her.

He is a partner of several Chain Restaurant restaurants in Singapore, a lysiest company and traveling to his boyfriend in Singapore this year along with Celillia Chiung.

He denies the marriage with men

Selelia Chung and Hay Menghuai reality show "Devi Choise" with nine year old ones participated last year, and both of them interacted with each other and this year they said they were engaged in the engagement of Paris. A spokeswoman for Celebia Chiang said, "I think it's a bad fabrication and that I will become a lawyer. He coincided with the love of Celilia Ching with Menghuai, and he wrote Menibo also Weibo's previous PO and wrote: "It's so great!" It was written. Selelia Chung has always wanted a daughter, but the girl's desire is to continue as she has a third child in her.

By the end of May, Scyllaia Chung performed new theater conferences and brand operations. Both were very happy and now they are really pregnant.
Seiliya Chiang last year had participated in the reality show "Devi Choise", men of Taiwan, who were nine years old, communicate with them and later received parades of Paris.

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