Thursday , June 8 2023

Moyai will renew its name on the cycle of the US group. US group APP will be the gateway to it. CnBeta.COM


Wang Huien, Senior Vice President of the US Group, said that the US group's full access to the APP is fully accessible to Mobia, and said that the cycle division of the US group's LBS platform will be General Manager of Business Business Unit.The APP and Mobai APP in the current US group support Scanning Code cycling and the future mobie cycling brand will be renamed the American Group Cycle, and Wang Huien said the US group's APP will be the only domestic entry. Users can now open Meteon APP, click "+" in the top right corner, select "Sweep" or "Bicycle" and use the Mobility Cycle Service.

The US group established the LBS platform by October-end last year to improve LBS based services including LBS services, network car, bus, unmanned distribution and other departments. The LGS platform is Wang Howe.

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