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"Mama Miyah's Chinese Edition!": Chinese Musics or "Small Goals" to Get Rid of This – Let's Get Everyone – Beijing Youth Daily


Source: Beijing Youth Day

◎ shang seioli

"Mama Mia, a classic musical musician that was born around 20 years ago in the West End of London, and in 1999 in Broadway in New York, there were international versions of the language, each of which included seven versions of" Mama Mia ":" At the same time, it's going global.

There are almost all sorts of things to become a big fan of this music. First, for a jubilee music, "Mama Mia! This song is sung since the 1970s and 1980s from the popular songs from the Swedish group's ABB. They are passionately passing through superheroes.

Secondly, the producers made great efforts in designing. The Nordic band designed the enthusiasm of the Greek island. The screenwriter of the 22 song depicts many attitudes of life in a biography of another character. It is more aware of the relationship between women's independent awareness, money and freedom, the crisis in the medieval crisis and how to handle old love. Everything is rare in a romantic, loving, loving atmosphere, just like the gorgeous and optimistic streaming in the Mediterranean and the lack of mockery, not mockery, but ridiculous.

Furthermore, the quality and originality of original production, especially the design of the characters between songs and dances, laid the foundation for the success of further editions. Ten years ago, I saw a western version of London's Prince of Wales Theater, when a number of tracks became more spectacular. In the 1970s, the British Cuban AAAA was attacked by a number of attacks, such as oil crisis, inflation, terrorist incidents and Mama MIA. For the past 20 years, it has continued to enjoy drama and entertainment. The song is singing a song for many songs.

Recently, we opened a Chinese tour at the Beagle Tykhiyao Art Center, the fourth round of the Chinese edition of this year, and sincerely, in my heart, I am less in my heart since the continuous progress of the musical theater work in the USA, South Korea and China has seen some music in the United Kingdom. , Overseas theater writer Copy the comprehensive development of the Chinese versions, making it difficult to see. International nilavarattinatuttanat. The reason, no money, nothing, kampealamilla.

Musical instruments are very cheap, and the cost of industrialization is typically millions of dollars in the cost of production of a musical in the United Kingdom and the United States. The most expensive music sprint in history is "Spider Man" at 79 million. Easy-accessible market. Music, dance, band, costume and dance are more complicated than normal drama and are the essential components of the quality they produce. Expenditure is very expensive and the money is not the same. In France, the method of sacrificing beneficially to save money is more important.

In addition, the efficient pool is a problem. Musicians need a great song and physical situations, and they should do it, and they should sing for two to three months in a row for eight to three months. After all, in the stage of acting, the audience knows "no". Many art works in China have established long periodical theater plays, but the best music skills are not enough, especially the big actors can not even make basic rehearsal time, what is the best? Some of the plays were compulsory schedule, which had to be discounted in casting, and the drama level was also a fitting backpack. Sino dramas are quite strange in China. Without high quality works, it is difficult to attract the audience in the current performance market. The barriers of these three sides can not be solved by professionalism overnight.

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