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Lukate: I'm a favorite player of Missy, I will give you everything – Mourinho

Original title: Lukku: I'm with Mussai's favorite player, I will give him everything.

Manchester United and Manchester United have emerged victorious in a Champions League group match against Belgium 1-0 to defeat Manchester United in three points. However, Manchester United's weakness throughout the game is very clear. Rushhead, Lingard or something like that can not break the opponent's door. Manchester United scored goal. Lunga has not been able to score for more than two months. In addition, the favorite player of Maureenho Lukaku told the media in an interview.

"I'm a favorite player of the Mississippi, of course one of them, I'm ready to prepare for the musu shoe, this wall goes to Jerusalem, he knows it." Lukku said in interview, "Mourinho is your teacher, tell you the truth and tell you the specific situation, if you can not accept it, the problem is huge."

On the other hand, Lucca is still unable to find his positions about whether he was against the Crystal Palace, although he was under pressure from Mauricio team's bench ahead of his misfortune. Or against the youth, the "wildcat" striker could not find his own booting boot. In this context, Luke responded: "My first major response was:" Oh, bad. "But after I talked to Coach, I talked about 10 minutes and quickly opened up my new goal and tried to follow everything that I had."

If Lukaku is very confident that his favorite players are present in front of the media, everyone knows that love has a limit. To be merged. Manchester United is not a charity or mourner, because we are wearing this red shirt and your pressure is higher than others.

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