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London: The new mobile phone madman is in controversy with the modern women's controversy.

Lunar is the most powerful theme of the New Year

Should men and women look in the other half of the phone? Today's most powerful topic, "Sae And Du Watch", a version of the Scarepal-type Scilable Tracker, like the main contradiction of modern people's relationship with "mobile phone franchise" has been released.

The picture, "Mobile Phone Frenzy", is three pairs of friends – a couple who are close to each other, a couple in love, and a dirty woman at a dinner party and a deadly video of all the contents of a public mobile phone. "There is a heated argument about whether the men and the men should see the other half of the phone, and the relationship between seven players of May Daya, Mae Li, Husso Chien, Kiao Shan, Tian Yu, Dai Lale and Meng Meong Yao will be clear.

"Mobile Phone Frances" is directed by Li-Wei, Li Wei, Wang C, Wang Hoon and Shang Yibai. The movie will release on December 29th.

Sati's Trial: Should Men And Other Women Look In The Other Half of Phone?

The biggest controversy among men and women in the release of the trailer "Sea, Do Dot Look": Do not look at each other's mobile phones as they send a man to a mobile. "How Would You Have Women In Women's Mobile Phones?" Hoo Zian challenged the question and caused everyone's mental attitude to this controversial issue.

Kiaao Shan, who fell in love with mobile phones every day, has decided not to show his wife Huo Xian, trying to find Hui Xian.

I want to see a mobile phone of my unmarried wife Meng Mengyo, but I'm really worried to speak, I can only play the game, Meng Mango never disagreed with my mobile phone.

The model's husband Tian YU opened his eyes to his wife's mobile phone and putting Drood on the role of a mobile phone, "do all that well?"

She's a kid who is kidnapped by a mobile phone. But she does not have to worry about her partner's doubts, but her mobile phone has a number of hidden secrets.

The question of whether everyone in the "Mobile Phone Frege" will see the other half of the mobile phone and the men and women can find a prototype in real life. No matter whether you looked at it or not, everyone should bear the consequences of their election.

The consequences are serious and vigilant.

Recent polls show that "whether men and women see the other half of the mobile phone," different choices have different choices, different choices resulting in differential consequences.

Even if you express your belief in one another, your doubts will not be answered, but more and more, it will inevitably be broken in the relationship. At this time, the mobile phone hangs on a couple of heads, which will be anxiety for their hearts.

If you choose to view it, the faith established between the two will go down. Even if there are problems with the mobile phones of the party, it will never return to its original state. Moreover, the mobile phone of each individual person is less or less confidential, and when it is seen by the couple, it will be more disastrous.

The trailer said: A viewing, missing view: love and not a problem without a problem. "Whether women or men see the other half of the mobile phone is a century old, it will not be answered.

How the future of the character believes that "mobile phones" will give us a satisfactory answer, whether a mobile phone for men and women, how to look at each other, people and mobile phones.

& # 39; Mobile Phone Frenzy & # 39; s & # 39; s syndicated Film, Shibu Film, Cat Eye Film and White Waving Film. Produced. The movie will release on December 29th.

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