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Original title: Lushan Marathon, National Brand Master Kong, landed in the birthplace of the Great Country

On November 25, 2018 Lushan Red International Half Marathon People's Square opened. There were over 8000 runners across the country. "Great Hearts" and "Hearts and New Journals". After a hard fought match, men's and women's champions won the men's singles champions Lin Zin and Shao Naa.

(Opening map)


Passion red horse, energy pasta helps the great secret

The match is divided into two groups: half marathon, mini-marathon. Mao Zedong Square, a former residence of Mao Zedong, and the Mao Zedong Square arrived in the building at 10,000 o'clock in the People's Square. Finally the People's Square returned. The paths that travel through the road allow players to enjoy the passion of the luscious while attracting players.

(场场, like 韶 毛主席 铜)

The bronze statue of Mao Zedong is 3.7 tonnes, 6 m in height and is 4.1 m at base. The height is 10.1 meters. "10.1" symbol of national day. Mao Zedong represents the founder of the new China. The Lusan Red Half International Marathon, marked by "Red Business Card", is not only a great characteristic of the Chinese nation but also has a fast post-match service at that time. At 9 in the morning, the first batch runners ended, and the service sector which had been waiting for some time became more and more active.

(After the race, along with runners citizens)

"Today I am attending to participate in the marathon game, I would like to utilize the equation maratteaninre homage to the revolution in scaling and preparations, in the past, the situation is very ruksamavukayayirunnu, the martyrs began in March purakeattupeakan 25,000 miles in length. I have to maintain my physical fitness Shepherd roots The unwary, but, now we can eat like a bowl of noodle soup with sweet kalippattatteat, it will be very happy! "Shared the runner is eating his face. He enjoyed the experience again after the game.It is time to replenish carbohydrates 1-2 hours after the golden record period of the body. It contains advanced noodles carbohydrates which help in reducing the body's healing and fatigue. "

(After runners playing noodles)


The players praised the people and the people heated up the hills after Kang Shifu's nods.

"Today Hammer is not only a red culture, but I feel warm after the game!" This bald noodles can be seen in my hands, which got the Kangshui at the Ur Noodle Restaurant. "A nursing mother cooks food for me and I talk about it.

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