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Jungun is a partner of Wang Qingshang _ Dad Gambling Company


Original title: Hujun, partner of the listed company, special gift for Wang Qingshang gambling

The king of the gamble celebrates his birthday. His son Junjin sends a special gift.

He is Jungun and his father

Sohin's Entertainment News November 25, the 97th birthday of Hoonjun, king of Chuatatatar, was officially organized by his son Eugène's Listing Conference. In November 25, Jhunjhunu opened a photo of the Lounge Conference in Wang Qingingsing Wang Qingshang. He gave the Dad a unique and most prized gift, this year – the first of its kind in life. Book.

Eugene showed his father the prospectus

Today, 23-year-old Junjan, a partner of the listed company, said: "Today I have never thought that Dad's birthday and big lounge will be the same the same day, and I have a dream of growing a young boy in my dream, but once I feel that it's too far, Sting Press Conference can be said to have finished today. "

This year, I finally get a special, most meaningful gift, the first prospects of life in my life, and I want to give you a meaningful gift of dad this year: "Dad's birthday today is my inspiration for you to be proud of me and you are ready to prepare gifts every year.I lkam: Happy Dad's 97 th birthday! A makanuntallea your pride! "Go back to Soho and see more

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