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Jackie Chan is telling the story of ordinary people: Four years, it's very hard, – Beijing Morning News


2018-12-21 03:29:20 Reference: Beijing morning news

Jackie Chan tells about the music of the common man

After 16 years, return to the singer's identity

After 16 years of break, Jackie Chan returned to the Identity, and reached the public with the new album "I'm Jackie Chan". Yesterday, Jackie Chan held a press conference in Beijing. Sun Fan, director Dinwee and other friends, have come to the conference, including Wang Pinggui, the first generation album owner of the family class Chen Qiqi. "The album has been published for four years, my own experiences, my parents' stories, family, children, friends, as well as the content of world peace, my story and the story of ordinary people."

"Over the past for long, I am slowly working on this new album in four years, I have always atiyantiravasthayillate is working, but now, I want to fast and efficient. As .free, and I am not the words dares to say, asvastharayirikkunnu to say, these songs kelkkatiruna Nila, "My heart is clear", now I want to sing vigorous songs, the song of the story. "Jackie Chan has been singing songs for many years, singing words that are unable to hear the songs," these things are human "and" love is old "" thank you for the rest of your life " Dus up up "," Youth Story "and others in the dead "I am very young." For me, when I'm out of school with my parents, I do not have time to spend time with them, fortunately they enjoyed each other, and my father was in the 90's and his mother They were many victims Tails and lifestyle. But I know that they are happy because it is a blessing to know each other for a lifetime. I believe that the song I sing will definitely hear in heaven. "" Thank you for giving my life your patience and commitment to your family. "" I know people, "once I was in Beijing, he returned home to Hong Kong after a meal and sent him to a friend's funeral Go to the ceremony. The next day he got a news about a friend who eats in Beijing. "

Jackie Chan says that after releasing "I'm Jackie Chan", Jackie Chan says that because the energy input is very large, it is difficult to make more of the music albums. "There are hundreds of people out there who work all together and make a record, record a song, recite a song in the headphones and sometimes they can not hold the beats, morning and evening recordings are different." Hard work, but Jackie Chan Dear. All earnings in this album will contribute to charity. Funk Fae / Photo

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