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Insight first tests Mars' theorem, the first physical examination within 4.5 billion years – uncertainty

"Insight" detector

In black red shirts, the scientists are concerned about the big screen and want to win.

Scientists at the NASA Commandant Center Sixty years later, I was successful again and again, when the landing was successfully identified ("Detector is still" alive and healthy ") when the sound was successfully identified" 400 meters, 300 meters, 200 meters, 80 m … " Mars turned on, and this planet was inspired by the Red Planet for 60 years.

Command Center Researchers celebrate the launch of "Insight" on Mars

"In eighteenth the history of human history, we have completed eight eighth successful landing and we send the moon to Mars, and we will provide valuable scientific information before it goes to Mars." NASA Director Jim Bridgestine said excitedly after successful landing.

NASA announced on November 26 at 14:52:59 EST (Beijing Time 3:52:59), the successful "Insight" of Mars became successful on Mars. The successful "Kauri Gum" Rover launched on Tuesday, August 5, 2012, man-made detectors have landed on the Martian surface again.

"A drum volume & # 39; s globe, we need to study the interior of Mars"

During Mars Exploration in the United States, many people think of Marper Rover, Opportunity, and Curiosity. The media has evolved over the past few years, especially the opportunity and the market for more than three months. I continued for 11 years, did not achieve any effective results, and created a world record of "accidents" on Mars – running more than 40 km, and Mars "Marathon" was completed.

In 1964 the Mars Exploration Mission launched the United States, and explored more than 40 years of Mars and discovered more discovery results. The United States is still on Mars, as a country with more harvest from Mars.

Space scientist Peng Xiao told a newsletter that the planet's inner structure was little known. Previously, the number of man exploration experiments was studied by the global, surface, atmospheric and magnetic fields of Mars. The first "insights" of the "first physical exam scanning for 4.5 billion years" in the city scan will find Mars's insight first.

"Insight" will accomplish its first mission of Mars.

If the planet is only known on earth and in the atmosphere to discover the planet, then only the surface of the planet can not be understood and its "heart" can not be understood, as the planet's surface is also applied to the deepest exploration zone. Astreanikkal the International Space Transport Committee Vice Chairman Yang yuvangg said: "The planet is not possible to understand the antarddesam a few detectors or walk around ayaykkuka.oru performance on the ground, for example, in 2015, in red, purple, matching the size of the size of the Earth, the planet Kepler 452 B ekseaplen Without reference to its internal structure inre able to understand that the shape of a rock, so that a full planet, discovers the planet's internal structure. "

Based on the information published by NASA, "Insight" takes on two major scientific tasks. The first geometry of Mars is to measure geosynthesis on Mars using the frequency, inertness, geographic distribution of the surface and the frequency of the meteorite that affects the surface of Mars. The scale of tectonic activity is to study the structure and function of the second Mart and study the formation and evolution of the terrestrial planets. Press

Determination of the structure and structure of the Martian mantle, determining the structure and structure of Mars, measuring the internal fire on Mars, metabolism depending on the meteor shower on the surface of Mars, space missions, geographical distribution etc. The mission of Mars, the structure, and physiology of Mars, which determines the structure and physical condition of Mars.

Bruce Bennett, the principal of the "Insights" project, told the people that although the long history of Mars exploration, the majority of the planet had lies on the planet's surface. "For 35 years, a" drum "comes from the ground and we have to study the internal training of Mars," said Bruce Benet.

"To Know the Neighbor of the Earth"

"Insight" successfully launched on May 5 this year, 485 million km after the launch. "Insight" was not associated with "Phoenix" lander on Mars in 2008. So some media also refer to "Phoenix 2.0" and "Insight". "Insight" uses the Phoenix detector platform, so "Insight" is quite similar to Phoenix detector, but it is partially adjusted according to the task. "Insight" is about 5.5 m long and a small car size of 350 kilograms, and there are two circular solar panels that can be deployed just as paper fans.

Steps to land on Mars

"Old" Phoenix "Mars Arctic came to the plains, Arctic plains, water shortages, and water, and found many of the results of the soil and covered with soil, the soil was found to contain the water. And 5 per cent were found to be water characterized by a water landing feet of water, dreadreapps." The National Astronomical oba Chinese Academy of Sciences Yeancun sarverrariyile jen said a researcher.

According to the previous report by the US media, landing has taken the position of the site for four years. Nearest landing coordinates: 4.5 ° North latitude and 135.0 degrees longitude. The terrain is flattened because there is no gully, there is a lot of sunlight to charge the solar panels. Additionally, the landing site 600 miles from Mars will be communicating with the orbits of Mars for operational purposes. To ensure the buffering needs of the parachute during the landing process, the landing point should be less than 2.5 km below the geodate of Mars, the underground slope should be less than 15 degrees, no stone should be grown, and a thick layer is soft. Drill a hole at a depth of 5 m.

First photo provided by insights

Laurie Glace, acting director of the Planetary Science Department at NASA's Science Mission, said: "Mars has been studying the Martian climate, atmosphere, geology and surface chemistry since 1965. Now, when NASA is preparing to extend human explorers to the solar system, ultimately exploring the inner motion of Mars and deepening our understanding of the Earth's neighbors will deepen. "

Land & # 39; s neighbors & # 39; For more deep understanding, & # 39; Insight & # 39; Three scientific sciences bear two European devices, designed to investigate the deep core of the red planet. Underground energy estimates include "chirominess, internal structural inspection" and invention tools. France and Germany have developed seismograph equipment and geotomical flow voltage detector. In addition to three of the above-mentioned discovery tools, Mars also has two cameras to correct the pressure, temperature and wind speeds in the sound of the seismograph data, and of course the information on the atmosphere of Mars is also useful for research. The material.

"Earthquakes caused by earthquake waves, some earthquakes, natural earthquakes, some earthquakes caused by internal activity on Mars, some asteroids and meteorites can ruin Mars, and some spells can be made." The internal structure and composition of Mars can be interpreted in the interpretation of the signal, and has it classified the earth together with the mantle and the core? Where are the borders? Problems like cellar. "

"An earthquake is a very important tool for us to understand the earth, the moons and the moon," said Sheng Yongchuan.

Heat exhaust is important for measuring the temperature and gradient at a depth of the surface of Mars. The thermoelectricity of the material can be calculated from the heat flow to the heat flow on each side of the unit. Depending on the thermal and the thermodynamic data, the output of the heat of the Martian can be calculated. Situation.

On the basis of appropriate information, a hot flow can be used to understand the internal energy. That is, the internal heat and energy of the internal radioactive elements are measured by the internal heat of Mars. In the early stages of Mars, a number of radioactive elements are present, a model like the current Martian surface, the history of internal heating and internal structure of Mars. Layer.

In short, the internal structure of Mars is used to detect a faulty, thermometer spear is a history of the internal heat of Mars.

"Another example of international cooperation in exploration in deep space"

Insight Project is an international co-operative project. "This achievement represents the wisdom of the United States and our international partners, proving our team's dedication and persistence," said NIMA director Jim Bridestine. CNN reported that after a successful visit to "Insight", US Vice President Peng S. was invited to congratulate the team.

In the "Insight" Detector, Sesimograf developed the France, German-developed Heat Flow Dixer, two of which are the three main components of the detector.

"Insight" in the test

Insight will become another example of international cooperation in exploring deeply in the future if the project is completed successfully after the successful completion of the successful landing for the future exploration project.

Interestingly, the "insights" mission will deploy two microscopes for testing the rear signals directly during landing. This is the first time Deep Space mission to use "Star Microscreen".

The two microscodes used in the "Insight" mission are called "Mars Cube One" and start with "Insights" and travel to Mars. When "Insight" landed on Mars, they will cross Mars and deliver "Insight Number" landing data to Earth Earth satellite. The "Mars Cube One", like "Insight" landing detector can improve the efficiency of signal transmission, such as "Insight." If the experimental task is successful, the future micron satellite will be put into operation. Explore the interstellar missions of the solar system.

"Mars Cube One" is just a pilot project, so communication communications can not all be "two brothers". Insight number & # 39; s & # 39; ഇൻസൈറ്റ് നമ്പർ '(മാർക്കറ്റ് റീകണ്നൈസൻസ് ഓർബിറ്റർ) അതിൻെറ പരിക്രമണപഥം ക്രമീകരിച്ചു.' ഇൻസൈറ്റ് നമ്പർ 'എന്ന പരിക്രമണത്തെ' ഇൻസൈറ്റ് നമ്പർ ' ചൊവ്വയുടെ അന്തരീക്ഷത്തിൽ, ലാൻഡിംഗ് പ്രക്രിയയിൽ, സംഭരണത്തിലും റെക്കോർഡിലും രേഖപ്പെടുത്തുവാനായി, "ഉൾക്കാഴ്ച" വ്യക്തിപരമായി സാക്ഷ്യപ്പെടുത്തുന്നു. "ഇൻസൈറ്റ് നമ്പർ" ചൊവ്വയുടെ ഉപരിതലത്തിലെത്തിയാൽ, നിരീക്ഷണ പരിക്രമണപഥം ഒരു വിദൂര ആശയ വിനിമയ ദൗത്യമായിരിക്കും.

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