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Scientists develop devices to access human brain data

The development of scientific research technology is closely related to a research factor: the idea of ​​losing ability to speak in a word. While most of these ideas are only in science fiction or pseudo-syndicates, I believe that the situation in this situation will change, and I believe that the information in the minds of the original patients will be informed immediately.

The British physicist Stephen Hocking was one of the most influential, thinker, thinker, and preacher of the last century, but he was not ready to speak for the last 30 years of his life. Thought. Still, computer aided technology has enabled the potential astronomer to speak worldwide. The sound of a very synthetic sounding utility, the perfect Indian pearl with an American voiced hook, has become the hottest word of Hawkings. If a newcomer can not click again to select a letter, a new system can minimize his cheeks, allowing hockey to keep the communication. However, "Pecktl Paul" has not read Hooke's sense of mind and read the information directly available from Hawking's mind.

Columbia University's neuroscientists and engineers North Wellnal Health in New York develops a private language for brains that help to quickly understand the information in mental health. Electrical inspiration and chemical messengers combine different parts of the brain to interact with each other. A hearing and a talk is focused on the broccoli side, which is responsible for the brain and the ears in the brain. Wernicke controls the human choice of words. This changes their lives for inflammatory diseases caused by infected ultraviolet larval sclerosis (ALS) or locking syndrome. Lateral sclerosis of amodrophy usually attacks metallic neurons, which controls the movement of the motor function or physiological behavior. This does not mean that the functionality is lost completely – we need to learn to understand the language of the brain.

Professor of Electrical Engineering Nima Mesagani says, is a electrical strip that listens to the sound of the brain. His electrodes record and send electronic bombs and snaps in the brain to the computer. Then it can be their head or tail. Like other languages, Dr. The need for studying electronic vocabulary of brain and computer.

In 2017, the aim of the phase lift was announced and the decision was taken from communication to text technology. The group admitted that instead of changing the text of the ideas is not science fiction, but Dr. Mockalani, Dr. Mehta is getting more and more careful approach. They took the five voluntarily. The Namboothiri and the stories repeatedly demanded volunteers. So the doctors could record their brain's electric pulse patterns. These signals are sent to a power synthesizer, which can be either words or variations. This is a big step in the next generation human-computer interaction systems for patients with sluts and locking syndromes. (Internship Collaborator: Jiang Sin Reviewer: Lee Songs)

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