Wednesday , September 28 2022

Gillian underwater wedding exposure, good husband of Lai Hongguo's husband and her husband, free information


Last night, Gillian and Lai Hongogo were given a wedding by blessing friends and family. This wedding is not only a blessing to all, but also a network. From the bride's dress to the wedding cake, they all became hot topics, and it was a very upcoming wedding.

Prior to the opening of Gillian, Gillian said that Lai Hanua had decided to go to Mexico and take photos of the blue. Two waterfalls will be opened in the 20th wedding. After the wedding finally! The two stood up in water and looked deeply in and looked at the whole body. The white shirt is tightly connected to Hong Kong. Gillian's lightweight garden dress is wet with water.

But Jian is very handsome, but Lai's body is a little narrow, tightly stretched, his hands did not stretch, his legs should not be dumped, his body thickened, I do not know why it is cold or why. It's a bit joke.

Gillian says that shooting photos after the shooting is a quick idea. At that time, the shooting was very low, only 10 degrees Celsius, the Oxygen bottle did not have time to jump again in four hours, and both of them were already tired, Lai HANGOGO frozen and select only two photos.

I want to say that Gillian is very difficult for this wedding. "It's difficult to shoot," however, the photo is still quite amazing. The other female celebrity wedding photos in this are really different.

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