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FTS, MSC Renaissance A-Share Strategic Configuration window?

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First finance2019-05-27 15:42:40

Welcome to FTSE, MSCI Resonance, A-Share Strategic Configuration window

The FTSE Razzle has announced its closest changes in the 259 Beijing Morning Star, the world's largest stock company, in the world's largest stock exchange series, including the world's largest stock exchanges. 422 mid-cap stocks, 376 small-scale stocks and seven micro-crock stocks. MSCI and FTSE Resale have included A-shares in their respective agencies. Internationalization of A-shares is high and higher. Moreover, the increase in foreign-owned stocks reflects long-term optimism on A-shares. The acquisition of A-shares increases the incremental funds, the inflows of foreign capital, or the A-share consumption will strengthen the long-term value.

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