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December is the brightest comet of the sky in the year near the Earth – Beijing Evangelism News – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-30 14:00:42 Reference: Beijing evening news

"Astronomical Dialogues" Expecting "Astronomical Dramments" in December Except Astronomical Workshop Target – Gemini Meteorological Radiation is Greater than Dates This year the glittering comet closer to the earth and appears to the naked eye. Also, on December 2nd, Venus is the brightest and entering the West in the fifteenth century.

Doctor from Beijing's ancient observatory Wang Yummin is one of the three main meteorites of this year. The Gemini meteor shower occurs every year on December 4 and 17. The main goal of volunteer activity is the metamorphosis and the medium speed. This year's Gemini Ursar was made on Saturday, December 14, from night to east, while the production time of the day was 120. "At this point, the first quarter of the month is good for night observation conditions, and notice the heat and warming during the observation."

In December, a comet will appear to the naked eye – Vertan's comet. Wang Yomin says this is a short-lived comet that takes 5.44 years to the sun. "It's been discovered for a long time but it's close to the Sun once in five years, but it's close to the Sun, especially near the Earth." The passage of the 13th-century orbits of the Earth in the 16th century is a 10 million kilometer-long radius that is 3 brilliant and far away from comet comets. "Light source pollution can be seen by the naked eye at places where there is light, making the telescope more efficient, making it the brightest comet of the year."

In addition, monitoring systems are good for the month of December. Secondly, Venus reached its peak. This is the brightest brightest day of the year, -4.9. Venus is a morning star located in the south-east of the sunrise, and the Earth's height is about 33 degrees. "Remember its position and the direction of traveling, you can still see when the sun comes out and the weather is good."

In the 15th century, Mercury will retreat from western parts. At this time, Mercury is an morning star located in the sunset southwest of the sunrise. The maximum distance of the Sun and the sun is 21 degrees centimeters, the maximum is 17 degrees Celsius and the brightness of -0.5. From Tuesday to Measam in Amritsa until the month of March. Located on the south of the sun at sunset on 3rd, can be seen in the middle of the night.

In addition, there will be many beautiful days with "moon" in December. On Venus at 2:42 am on Venus's surface at 3.6 degrees, Venus's moon appears on a satellite. On the 9th of December, if the night observation conditions are good, you can see the moon with Saturn. You see the fine moondaughter in the lower sunset of the ocean sky. On Tuesday, December 15 would be 3.6 degrees Celsius from the Moon. On December 21st, the month of Bisuu is about 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit. "However, the moon is very bright and scary around this time."

(Article source: Beijing evening news)

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