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China's Curling Women's Team Basser's World Championships brings new wonders into the game – in the game, in the Major, Final and Finland team – China News Network


Source: China News

BEIJING, January 23rd, 23rd Beijing Time, 2018-2019 Season Calling World Championship Qualifier Wang Hao, Yao Yao and Ma Jingi of Chinese women's team defeated Finnish women's teams 4: 3 by defeating the world championship ticket.

In this match, the Chinese team have a fourth group, Wang Hao on the fourth base, May Jamee, Yao Yai and Yai Wee Man Jingi. In the women's team last year's national championship, the team won the title. Thus, they have the opportunity to represent China in World Championships.

The Chinese women's team lost the World Championships in the last Pan Pacific Championship. China rivals Brazil, Estonia, Finland, Hong Kong, Hungary, New Zealand and Poland contend with eight teams compete for two women's world championships.

The Chinese women's team reached the second round of the Single Round Robin Championship. In the peacock competition, the Finnish team won the first round of the round robin championship. The Chinese team managed to get a 3-3 draw after the eight rounds. The Chinese women's team soon decided to play this field, making mistakes in Finland in the ninth match. She retired in the 10th game.

In the final match, the Finnish team had two seats in the first half, but they all were with the Chinese team. Finally, the fourth base Van Hao was sustainable when the protected areas opened. In the final, China's score was 4: 3.

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