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China ranks marathon running rampant violations – sports | Sin Che Daily Daily

In 2018, Shenzhen Nanson Half Marathon broke the law, breaking the lawn, running "cut off the road" to 258 players.

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258 players have violated the law, including the number of volumes, running, and "crossing the road".

Over the last two years, the marathon in China has become more and more popular, but the number of participants has reached the record, however, participants have come to participate in a "flag" event, followed by competitors and medical staff. "Conflict". In today's time, a large number of player violations have fallen.

This year's Shenzhen Nanson Half Marathon took place in Shenzhen Bay, in the Nonsun district of Silkon Valley, China. In the context of preventing office workers from going to work, the competition program is designed so simple that two ways are closer to each other.

However, people are surprised by the good of the employees, and the opportunity for the contestants is a chance. According to the observation video of the competition, about a thousand people can directly access the green belt directly on the track, and the way to "cut the road" can have better results.

In addition, there are many applicants who have revealed to be running and running dancing. After the match, the results of this sort of nonsense haf marathon organizing committee expressed regret and strongly condemned criminals.

Following an inquiry, 258 illegal smugglers were declared prohibited and prohibited by unauthorized players who were fired on the roadside.

There were 258 illegal players in video game, video's video, site photos and other supporting material as per time chip data. Of these 18 are fabricated. 3 more people were included. False clauses and runners have been banned for participating in the Shenzhen Nansen Half Marathon. Other offenders are prohibited from involving two years at Shenzhen Nansan Marathon.

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