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Professor at the State Council Executive Meeting on 21st November. Li Keqiang started his business. That is why improvement and improvement of trade-import policy, increasing the possibilities of application, and increasing the incentives to increase consumption.

From the previous 15 cities to 22 cities, Beijing decided to expand the visibility possibilities, enhancing the capabilities of the priority policies and adding up to 63 decolons in large demand. 2,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan. The annual transaction limit of 20,000 yuan to 26,000 yuan has been increased annually.

The meeting's decision, no doubt, was not given any policy obligations to develop border obligations. E-commerce, especially cross-border e-commerce retail trade, will be developed to exchange each other for upgrading China's sustainable foreign trade, import and consumption.

First, like a new foreign exchange format, the rapid growth of current e-commerce is widespread for the growth of foreign trade.

The Foreign Trade Department, head of the Ministry of Commerce, has recently started operations in China in the first ten months of the year. In the Foreign Exchange Agreements, e-commerce and market crossings crossed the two consecutive years continuously continuously. Foreign trade has become a new illusion for growth.

According to figures from the Prospecting Industry Research Institute, the total transaction of China's 7.6 trillion yuan export transactions (retail, B2Bs) is expected to rise to 9.0 trillion yuan this year.

The state has always emphasized the importance of board-border e-commerce development. Since 2015, the government's performance report for four consecutive years has been proposed to develop new formats like border trade. In March 2015 and in January 2016, the State Council launched two commerce and e-commerce integrated pilot zones in 13 cities, including Hangzhou. Cross-border e-commerce and enterprise, with a two-year, double the two consecutive years, the renovation and development of a new foreign trade tredavaril new energy, energy transformation and upgrading to a new course, a new platform nutanatvattinum sanrambhakatvattinum, "belt and road" project for the construction of a new carrier The stick. .

On July 24 this year, the State Council approved the creation of a new border e-commerce compact pilot zone in 22 cities, including Beijing. Promoting new energy for foreign trade by promoting e-commerce development in exchange for each other and promoting the building of China's power.

Secondly, it has made it an important channel to increase import for the development of each other's e-commerce import industry.

China is not a major supporter, but a major impoverished man. As China's development status rises, the role played by China in the balanced foreign trade system and even the creation of an open financial system is growing. In terms of stabilizing the international market share of exports, it is the development direction of China's foreign trade in the future, promoting the balanced development of imports and exports by playing a leading role in imports, recycling, economic development and open development. Through this, China is working to create more import promotion platforms.

In the new form, foreign brands and initiatives will enable the Chinese market to be brought to lower risk and low prices. It has special advantages for e-commerce to import it.

In 2017, Chinese Customs crossed border border e-commerce management platform is worth 90.24 billion yuan. Out of this, imports amount to 56.59 billion yuan. This is 120 percent. From January to August this year, the Chinese customs border shop e-commerce imports are 48.97 billion yuan.

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