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Cheng Shan: Jean Editing Baby Open Box Opened He is the Jiani New Tang Dynasty TV

When the topic of genetically modified food is still discussed, biologists at the world's top universities say that the chemistry experiment with genetically modified goats opened the "Jiankuki" box when the human biological morality was holy and invisible.

In 2017, Harvard China Forum, one of the genetic inventions of genetically editing technologies and a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said: "This is a great power and it's a big responsibility.


People's Daily reported on November 26, 2018, "The World's First Immunodeic Aids Genetically Informed The Child Was Born In China". Hia Jianyi, Associate Professor at the University of Southern University of Science and Technology is full of self-confident public videos. Experimental products, like humans, were born in China using their next generation, even Leechi, who was the inventor of the police, went through the moral stages of a powerful nation.

Too many specialists developed the technology and the dangers of human genetic pre-reform kantittuntavanam.i avasanamillattatan.i Fly, Gataxx moral vasannalekkuricculla film, Jurassic World, Supply, Blade Runner … 2049 Volkswagen kleaningin, genetic modification and dangerous consequences for the basic common Get Daylami.

We still remember the character we saw in this film, and the mysteries of Western black powers and scientists of mad scientists have made terrifying experiments on humanity. The story takes place around the righteous man who tried to stop the danger. Even though China's technology is still behind, most of us believe that the western part of Evolution is a western thing, but the story of today's film actually lives in China.

Currently published evidence, National Clinical Trail Center, Shenzhen Kechnan, Southern University of Science and Technology, Hemi Medical, Shenhan Nansan District People Hospital and Heine Jianiis Boehai Technology Co. Ltd. In fact, if you are carefully under consideration, China has already given priority to thousands of people who are planning to make genetically modified people, atheist thinking, investment in government evolution projects, high end skills, low human rights community, unknown experiments, and weak legal supervision. Wait, that's the consequence.

In 70 years, the CCP created in China for atheism has created a dishonor for giving people the lives of the government. The scientific bhayappetunnillenkilum, at this stage, edit and modify genes and genetic research in Western kalinnittunt.atukeant, beliefs, and you can continue to explore the traditions and at the last moment nilanilkkunnitatt, science, unknown consequences, and open the door to hell do not use cc of lawlessness Ikk a paruparuttumunt.

Moreover, the morality and legitimacy of the people in China's sovereign society is not indifferent. An unexplained surgeon agency in Guangzhou has been in a state that has not been noticeable for a long time. Some northern children have shown that the babies are like a cantonis after the surrogate babies have grown up. The entire egg is not taken out of the parent, since the eggs are well established and the firm is daring to fraud. There are twin births as well as medical services for boys and girls. These are rich rich in China. Organ transplants, face changes, feslifts, etc., where you can have great money is out of moral control. In such a moral environment, environmental degradation has been provided.

What is the purpose of the experiment? Henry Jiani introduced the gene correctional program for genetically modified children with AIDS. The couple who had received this experiment were HIV / AIDS and had no illness. Some scholars have questioned the need for this experiment. Fertilization and eggs can not be infected with HIV. There will not be a genetic disease, but the possibility that the father may have HIV infection. So what is the purpose of designing AIDS Immunization? Perhaps these newborns are not likely to have a marriage parent, which can be a surrogacy, experimentation, or success AIDS is a gym. But where is their future? Experimental products of the two genetic disorders are unpredictable, they may be annulled at any time, either strained or being kept as observation materials, surrounding us with crimes against humanity.

Jiankui, 34, is an excellent scientific technologist, the father said in an interview: PhD from Rice University in the US, post doctoral associate at Stanford University and PhD in Botany in China. Jianyi is the legal representative of seven companies. The legal representation of six companies, the original controller of five of them. The total registered capital of seven companies is 151 million yuan. The business is progressive and rich. After returning to China, investment was quickly switched to success and chains of success.

At this time, Jiankui thinks that baby born and born babies are born and used to open up the birth of children, apply an upstream, utilize an upstream, utilize an upstream. Disapprove. Like many of the Chinese graduates who grew up in China, studies on life were successful. In his view of life, he must lose a lot of humanity, life, right, wrong, morality, and faith. He works in America but in the United States. While research is in school, he does not take into account the basic ethics of the geology section. Every day, experiments are being carried out in animal experiments, and Jiankui is rare and logical. His selection of tens of thousands of people to the CCP to return to China. If literacy programs were low on human morals, it would be easy to use for the CCP.

He was speaking to the World Generation Editing Summit in Hong Kong on November 28. First of all, I apologized for the fact that the failure of the data was completely failed and failed to take the same action before the meeting. In response to the experts in the industry, he replied: "I am proud of this experiment, and it's about the pride of this system of Jiankee, and the reason why the public questioning is not understood, only the technology can know, It's summer breathing, as described in the "autumnal watt" of Suuangji, which is very sad.

Although a broad consensus has reached the bottom line of the genetic engineering of the western ecosystem, there are some biologists and scholars who still believe in the process of man-made production and gene formation. There are more people in this perspective in China. For decades, the CCP has been awakening, stimulating, increasingly gaining all industries, and promoting the industry to think that the genetic activities of humans are resolved as soon as possible. Instead of letting us guide us, it is best to facilitate our own. In the debate on the incident, it is not the same sort of genetic reform for the past GM genre that some people in organic industry intentionally want to lead human genes in their hands to their hands.

The National Health and Health Committee of the China Association for Science and Technology responded: "The project is rationally committed to violating national law, ratification and ethics, and logically evaluating the laws and regulations, however, the CCP respects it in China's soil, fame and luck with more darker tech The experiments will slowly be implemented, but they will learn the hidden and beautiful packages that the CCP is not disintegrating, and this will continue.

In ancient Greek mythology, the pandora's box is open, and human beings are actually real in wars, diseases, disasters, and lies. The emergence of modern AIDS may exist from the human sex system and was later widely spread in poisonous influencers. Humans destroy the immune system, and when people stop sexually abusing and divorce, AIDS naturally disappears. In addition to AIDS, syphilis and other sexually transmitted infections cause damage to the body's immune system. It's no coincidence.

He did not listen to the Pandora gods, expressed his interest and released the tragedy. How can it be possible for humans to be justified, justified by justice, and medicine and medicine? Experiments of human genes are more complicated under the standards of immunosuppressive immunity.

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