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Chen Yup's lover's account and his beauty products have been in love for 4 years

On November 28, Chen Yuhan's news was confirmed to the police by Dr Yunan and colleague Hema Moumou for years. Chen YUFFAN and BAI BAIHE released the divorce news. Both were divorced in 2017. Chen's Ufan and his boyfriend were discovered by drugs and found that they had beaten the Bea Bai. Bai Baheeh photographed in 2017. This is normal love.

Who is Mumo, who is involved in the marriage of Chen Ufan Bei Baiha? Netizens's deep knowledge, we learned when we called Jane, lived in Ouango, and studied in Shanghai. When Jane opens a personal insex account.

Since Jane's Inspection accounts were updated on March 20, 2014, Jane had a lot of photos, photos, photos, photos, and photos, and it was a simpler beauty from the surface. But when we commented on Janan's comments, we found it. In April 2014, my friends blessed me for the passport and the drying of the passwords. Chen Yupen's account of Jane suspected, "love you!" "I'll come next birthday, come on my birthday." Every sisters! "Chen Yuphan was in love with him for many years and both commented on the account of Jan's account that both of them have been in love for more than four years.

When Jane returned to China, she took a beautiful photo of Inner Love, "" I'm hurrying quickly. "" "Hurry, let's look at May 1!" "Better, date."

In April 2014, Aeat Chen was an important Jean slave when she was a slave to emotional development in April. Chen Y'fun "is not ok with the emotions of men." When Jain always ran, he did not respond. Chen Effen's ins account has been written off later. Not only has he divorced with Chen Yufan bay baise at that time, it's not only difficult to understand the interaction with better privacy, but also some indications in the internal network that people who eat watermelon will be destroyed. Instead of Bey Bai, Chen Yufan is the telephone use. Chen Yufon was arrested with his girlfriend for years and has been transferred to Bay Baey for more than a year.

When Jane likes to take photos, photos and photos of Insan's personal self, he has reached many places in the world. If the sun is beautiful and traveling, if the jain is a bit sedative, the chicken soup is very much liked.

Since I value the content, I can understand why she was.

On May 8, 2015, "I love you".

On June 8, 2015, "I miss you, but I'm not telling you!", Chen Yufan has not got a divorce. Shen Eufan, publicly, said, "I miss you" is very dangerous.

After May 8, 2017, Jain will no longer renew his inception. On May 8, it was during the birthday celebration when compared to the various set of photographs and data. Jean-shan Yufan was in the appointment of Chen Yufan in April 2014 when Jain invited to attend the Jinad return to China?

On April 16, 2017, Chen Yufan and Bai Bahey announced a divorce, announced the divorce news, and both of them fell in love with others. Chan Ufan, I do not have to re-abuse again. Be careful not to leave out the logs.

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