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British media: Kate Mason will not be named as a big house and Harry will resign Kensington Palace |


The original title: British media: No match for the caterer, the Megan Kansingon Palace, in the name of changing large houses along with Harry

[环球网报道 记者 张骜]For two kings in the United Kingdom, there were rumors of Kate, Megan, "relations". Today, Prince Harry and Megan decided to go out of their home in the Kensingon Palace early in the 2019s.

In the 24th, the British "Daily Mail", the royal family, said: "Harry and Magnets need more space, but they're not interested in William and Catherine's next door."

The Kensington Palace confirmed the news that the two will be changed.

The two princes first lived in the Kensington Palace. Recently pregnant Megan Migan moved to the floating villa in Vincent Manor, and reached a big new home for the little baby's welcome. Britain's media reports say Prince Harry will be the first to be born, Prince William is the father of three children, and the brothers feel ready to concentrate on their families.

Harry and Magan now lives in Nottingham Lodge near the Kensington Palace. People thought they would live in a large apartment in the Kensington Palace before preparing for a child's birth in the following spring. The Kensington Palace House spent £ 1.4 million for renovation to welcome them.

There is no reason to live in the Kensington Palace in London, and they will get their own home.

The man said: "Life with Katharine and Mega is very different and it will become more and more evident over time."

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