Thursday , June 8 2023

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Source: Beijing Net – Beijing Youth Daily

The Thai team was eliminated in the first eight teams in the Asia Cup, and the Chinese team's life and training were usually quiet for two days. The Iranian team has gone missing behind the Chinese team's desire to advance to the semifinals and their head coach scripting will be much stronger.

After the end of the Sina-Tai game in 20, Ain Dhabi returned to Abu Dhabi. The Chinese team, which finished eight of the Asian Cups, have completely abandoned the mental weight, coach Pi or players in Iran's quarter-finals are "an idea". An Insider said, "Why is baggage abandoned, why not fight against it?" According to insiders, the writer left the national football team after the Asian Cup, but he won the Irani team. The star is more than a player.

In March 2017, the insider said that the 12th World Cup Premier has to be played by the Iranian team. At the time Tehran was a guest, the Chinese team defeated the opponent from 0 to 1. Writing is the only loss of the Chinese team, the lowest level of defense from the defense. Lippi has never publicly blamed the players but the Left has taken a special responsibility for losing the ball and left it to the national football camp of Jiang Zanggang.

The Chinese team defeated the South Korean team by defeating the Chinese team in the Asian Cup football tournament. Liffi has also agreed that there is a clear gulf between the Chinese and South Korea teams. But the script does not seem to know for the Iranian team. In other words, the Chinese team will get a chance to get through the confrontation with the Iranian team, and do not be proud and psychologically encouraging Chinese team to advance forward.

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