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"Zero Tolerance" Inc. Awes: They come out of unauthorized houses national


It was started as a benchmark for the Atacama area to control the coastal region Getting away from uncontrolled homes Barranquilla and L Pulpitto areas Caldera Beach.

He told the National Azat of Philip Ward that, along with the hints of the financial landscape, he should not allow more assets. Wait till the end of February, Destroy 100 houses.

The regional cadastre of the Ministry was registered 7,200 illegal homes"Ecclesiastical homes," as Eck Mercury says, in the second home.

Thus, there are four pillars in the project: the sale of earth Offer panels through tenderPromotion and eviction of tourism projects

Eliminate the construction of the hazardous areas and the subsequent construction June 25, 2018, Expires upon expiration date.

The eviction suggests removing and removing clauses around the field, with the dismantling of the object, Financial landscapeThe money will be spent in the port and will be taken to the municipal site. There will be a collection there After 30 days For the owners of the withdrawal.

For this, the Beas States have requested an approval from the Protestant Government of Copiapo, to contact the owners of these homes directly. Over the last four years, it has tripled, Depending on the ward

"Regularization process opens a window on time, a Maximum period of 15 monthsPeople have legitimate people, macrophates can be created, and neighbors can guarantee a ticket, which can be urbanized. If they assure us that townships, we are proceeding in the work and the Satyagraha, "the minister said.

"We do not have the patience with those who want to take a space that does not match them," he adds.

As part of this, the Caldera Mayor Brunda González supported the activities to appreciate the coastal area. Behia in English It took 40 years Urbanization.

Cost and waste

The communal leader has revealed that they retired this month 1,200 tons of garbage From shots. In summer, Cadder has 17,000 neighborhoods and 130,000 visitors. Thus, in 2018, the waste collection of 2,400 tonnes was withdrawn.

The problem, Gonzalez said, is that 30% of the population is right: this is a municipal debt 630 million dollarsMorning in the morning.

Everything happens in chanel, where the number of spills in the summer, according to Mayor Raul Salas.

Shipping governor Roberto Alfarro said: "Handicrafts have to increase the strength of the forces to protect the region, like carribarores for irregular settlements.

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