Friday , January 27 2023

Wrong information and truth by the media


In a fixed interval, the interest of their commercial advertisers, we see the different media that protect the interests of their commercial advertisers by closing their regular journalists' salaries and other operating expenses. His information is reliable, in the opinion that he had never acted in traditional newspapers that he himself described, even when the interaction of the liberation and independence of imperialism was at least in Chile.

E Mercorio Copia (La Tercera) is a 2 journalism consortium that deals with the readers with readers and readers. But the former still leads to influence. There is a rising consortium established by Ricardo Claro, when the publication of Dygo Financiuro and Capitol Magazine reveals that the color of the totalitarianism trying to extend something from the market.

Clearly observed in a certain percentage of those who do not know about professional treatment of news from digital media and some radio. Write a fake news that wants to know true knowledge of English knows how it is well aware of the educated, educated and educated public opinion. Open television channels provide more emphasis on entertainment, telcerres, dance competitions, and criminal cases of street raids. That is why they need to link the screws of good journalism in developed countries. .

Now, on November 23, 2018, "Association President and Comptroller General of the constructor's attimarikkukayum expensive capital" of the papers published in El merkkuriyeayil "CCHC's hedmensar patrisiyea deaneasea" Real estate, impact and infrastructure, and other state institutions, opposing decisions vairuda I think that dhyam and displaying. If readers who do not know the role of supervision in the Controller General's Office of the Republic believe that published in the paper, let alone open the work of the public sector workers.

"In the past months, the Comptroller General of the Republic has been listening to the public and private workers to complain about their decisions," says a journalist writer. According to the rules, some administrative and mini operations in Minvu and the Municipal Joy Directorate are not used effectively, so it strives to compete with the head of the Comptroller's office, George Bermesses.

For example, a text indication, "…… Recently conducted opinion The 25 real estate projects affected the 25 million dollar (at roughly $ 25 million) at the Central Station, which was not effective, and in this digital medium, we have recently made the CHC Felipe Munos, who told us recently, said that no Ukanakkin has a small apparttmenrukalil 38-storey houses from 30 to 40. Some of the manufacturing process of their colonial homes, and other vertical gambhikal is complete. It is the general opinion of the Comptroller talarnnirikkukayan, with a total investment of $ 1,000 million.

The Business Association for the Construction and its spokesperson is a proposal to issue a law on the issues of Comptroller compiler and the extent of its orders in the attack on the shared lazy. A rare treatment for technical institutions, such as Olympic Games Real Estate business, is impossible, even laughing.

The corporation general office of commerce under the Public Works Department is compelled to withdraw the decision of the administration and the Aid branch of the Minivu General Directorates. The most relevant and fastest way to make legal guarantees for Contract Permits is the relevant law and its restrictions which are contained in the Regulatory Plans of the City Community, which is very simple and we will display on November 23 in an Advanced Seminar organized by the Ambassador Organization Association.

In any case, the attempt to attribute attributes to a simple commercial proposal is not uncommon for a simple legal reform, because 10,336 Constitutional Construction and Real Estate Interested Dealers and Senators in Autonomous Network will find it hard to accept the Association of Business Associations. Therefore, it will continue even if the comptroller continues to do so, even if it fulfills the required legitimate obligation to corrupt the growing corruption of the country.

Therefore, we assume that the builders always respect the laws of the field by making them work for the construction of permits in municipalities because they are not well condemned at the Commanders' Office or the Courts of Justice. Finally, El Mercenary of the media reads the breakfast of this mercury is sure to continue on the path of the microorganisms of the news because such routes are supported by the strong, standard, and La Monde and the National Congress with its stimulating network.

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