Tuesday , January 31 2023

With the exception of the contract with Brexit, the largest open company in the European Union


, AFP indicated.

Automotive industry

The damages are more important. On many occasions, professionals have warned of devastating consequences in a sector where nearly 12.2 million people work on the continent.

10% of the European auto industry move into the United Kingdom, Vincent Viktor remembers an economist at Prospekt and International Information Studies (CEPII).

In addition, automobile industries in the United Kingdom and the European Union are both integrated and integrated. "Sometimes, some auto parts cross the United Kingdom and continents five or six times," explains Cardinal Bryszky's IMGDB. Any activity in the distribution network, like the passage of the customs, will harm them.

An animal divorce will particularly affect the German auto industry, which is well established in the United Kingdom. "If we stop our supply chain, we can not continue production in the UK," said Stephen Friesett of German BDD.


"Briske in the UK" said in the UK, "In the region that produces German, French, Dutch and Belgian companies." That is why the manufacturing networks are very important.

Additionally, multinational companies, such as the Anglo-Dutch Petrochemical Group Shell or Anglo-American Dutch Lyondell Basel, face special issues regarding their rule.

Agriculture, Fisheries

Currently only 60% of British food is included in their own production. The rest is imported from France, Belgium, Holland and Ireland.

If the customs duties are resumed, the goods will be very expensive and their entry in the United Kingdom may be delayed. "The trucks that were stuck in Cayce's milk were frozen before the duo arrived," Brassiši says.

Many commodities and animals are prohibited, if not registered in the United Kingdom in the approved third-country. For a European Union member, this registration can be speeded up.

Fishing is also a problem for fishing and spaces in Portugal, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Aeronautics Industry

The European Aeronautical System Airbus creates aircraft on various production sites of the European Union. Alarms have been raised in the case of brocket without contract.

The European team, which produces 15,000 directly in the United Kingdom, produce the wings of its devices. Already the blocking of the block is caused by a "tragic" condition and forced to question the country's investment.

In July, Airbus Executive Director German Tom Endors expressed concern over the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Thousands of vertexts from April to April are not valid for our certificates, which mean a break in our production, "he said.

Air traffic between the United Kingdom and the continent is a direct threat to the brake.

The European Commission wants European airlines to fly. Security certificates will extend to some extent. This requires a UK deal.

Financial services

Installed operators in the United Kingdom will be provided services in 27 countries without losing their right (& # 39; Financial Passport & # 39;).

The commission has already celebrated several operators on the continent to "make their contracts and transactions transactions".

On Friday, the governor of the Bank of France asked the Vigilance to remain in the compensation zone. Because divorce without a contract represents a risk for the sustainability of the economic system.

The British companies have a proprietary account of the operation, which should ensure that the accountants of financial agents in the world market should be able to maintain their accounts and make proper transactions between all operators.

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