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Widle and Roll in the gang of Wellward: "I have some flavors I do" | Soccer


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Archive | Emmanuel Dunnand | Agence France Press

Arthur Widell He is the favorite player in Barcelona. Chile competes in the middle when it's usually heard in the bass and whiskey in the camp.

All the love of the national footballer Catalonian fans is on its way to this institution. His curved and violent game becomes a hike every weekend.

There is a link between the players who defend the quarters. However, the player makes it clear that this statement is false. "They may be confused repeatedly or they do not know what I'm doing in the field better"Vidal said.

"I think the game will go much further There are few flyers I can do, which is to get in both areas. When I arrived, I made two things. That's more of the team, "said one Barcelona player from Catalonia radio-1.

"I try to meet the needs of the coach, I know something, what I did in my career, remove the bolts, Attack, defend, and pay more In my circumstances, "Vidal continued.

Barzillon's coach is a Chilean national team player who is one of the wildcards in California, and has used it in all areas of midfield. Will they play in the radio program in the session? " He is a farewell to his career.

It was not meant to play central games. If coach and team want it, I have no problem playing that position, "said World Champion twice, with senior players.

"I am not in any position at midfield, and I've played at all three places, so I'm trained to work as best as possible, coach trying to do as he wants," Videl explained.

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