Sunday , January 29 2023

Why Hackers Attack Banking in Mexico and AL? Because it's easy


Cyber ​​criminals have found a way in the last five years Inexpensive and cost effective to raise money to attack economic sector in Latin America, including Mexico, Even when more complex attacks are needed.

"Payment systems in Latin America and Mexico The attacker's new goal is to understand that fake transactions from exploiting disabilities in a web service are easy," said security researcher Miguel Angel Mendoza. In the interview given to LN Financiore, ESET Latin America is in laboratory.

After eight years of effort, cyber criminals crossed the nail by nail Attack possibilities are exploitedThe legal breach registered in Mexico, an Interbank Electronic Payment System (SPEI), resulted in a failure of financial institutions such as those registered with Persistent Advanced Treatment (APT and its summary of Spanish) groups. English)

In April, attacks killed 400 million pasces. This is the most affected bank with 150 million pes.

"Cybersecurity is currently targeting and extracting money, because they tend to be higher at a much faster rate than do fitting campaigns or dein of service (DOS) techniques," the Specialist explained.

In 2018, 92% of the banking institutions in Latin America were victims of cyber attacksAccording to figures from the American Organization of Organization. Mexico, Uruguay, Chile and Ecuador are the most affected countries Prior to violations of this type. Total loss in this region is unknown.

Although not directly violating the SPI in Mexico, cyber criminals broke the infrastructure to connect the banks to the web system.

"It does not mean that it's always going to be like that, and then we can find a way to do it." So far, through the same process of organization, disabilities have been found to show how the processes in the technical structure or service provider's distribution network are being attacked, "the researcher explained.

It is an imbalance factor based on ESET studies Risks have become main entrance doorsCyber ​​criminals know it The possibility of arrest in this area is very low.

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