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Why Amazon could not register a virtual assistant alley in Chile

Alex, a prominent Amazon sound assistant to Jeff Bezos, is one of the hardest issues in Chile, and the company rejected the registration of a trademark registered in the country.

In January 2016, Allison launched the process of registering Chile's registrars. In the first case, the brand's registration was not produced by the German audiovisual company Arnold & Richard Sin Technology as "Allex" already registered.

Production units have been manufactured in construction cameras and other countries in Chile and Chile, as the National Director of the Institute of Industrial Property (INAP) La La Trèsera, according to Esteban Fikirora's Amazon's "Alex" time and Arnold and Richard's "Alex", because of the confusion with customers It is likely that they come from the same companies or related companies.

"If a brand's registry analysis occurs through the case, the similarity of the brand, and the previously registered brands consider the products and services separated," he explains. "Similarly, it can not be compared with the analysis conducted by other countries, since Chile can only be applied to national level because of the laws that apply and the country is different."

Inpammy, Alex

In Chile, the National Institute of Industrial Property is a public enterprise that covers registration, administration, and implementation of industrial property policies. That is where companies have to register their commercial brands.

According to Enafe, the procedure Chile has three steps to register a trademark: Application of the application and formal examination, processing of publication of sources in official gazette, check the pros and cons of the application.

The first step is the presentation of the applicationRequire protection for products, services, commercial establishments, industrial institutions or promotional dictionaries. Do formal verification from this application To check that the fair and legitimate requirements are met. Once the formal verification is approved, it is to be published in the Official Gazette Application. Third parties can challenge this request when they feel that they have the right to good. The opposition or not, Innapis made considerable effort to check whether the trademark application does not violate any non-regulatory legal grounds. After accepting this specific test, the administrative resolution provided by Inafi National marker to its marks and subsequent registration will be permitted. If the trademark application is rejected, it will likely attract the decision before the industrial property court.

This was the last thing Amazon did.

Before this incident, He also rejected his plea to use Alex's name. Facing this, Bezos' company approached the Supreme Court, You have denied your request again. This is facing, lThe US company filed a appeal to the company. Although using a letter in Arnold & Richter,Companies in the international markets collaborated with the name "Alexa" without problems. In addition, the Supreme Court did not rule over Bezzz's company. Amazon left the company to register in Chile with Alison technology. Alternative vocal assistant should be renamed, but it does not work for a similar change like "Alex" because they also give a trademark or prior requested graphic or phonetic similar.

Big companies in Google and Apple now have voice commands to call their private voice assistants ("Ok Google", "Hey Siri" respectively). In the case of Amazon, you can call it "alako", spend time, make purchases, ask traffic conditions, create e-mails, make video calls, send text messages, and many other activities.

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