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Which is the best way to start getting down the road?

The fastest way to move an inactive person is to inform them about special hazards that determine the availability of health, a new report suggests.

More and more 615 Australian adolescents have done research on the work of 18 to 77 years of age and inadequate exercise.

Although 99.6% believed that health care benefits have health benefits, they often do not know what the diseases associated with them are.

"People know that physical activity is good for health, few people know about the special benefits of physical activity to health, and a specific knowledge will be more effective in their physical functioning behavior," said Steady Shioop of Central Queensland University of Australia.

14 out of 22 diseases related to the absence of physical activity have been clearly identified. But while 56 percent did not know how much physical activity was needed, 80 percent of the patients could not be aware of the nature of the illness.

The study is in the online edition of POES One, a November 28 edition.

The researchers are also in the cognition of schizophrenia-related illnesses and physical activity. "You know more about these issues, you can do more physical activities," she told a magazine in the magazine.

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