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Where is Fernando Alonso in the history of F1?



Fernando Alonso He will end in 37 years and 17 seasons Formula 1. In 2005 and 2006, he joined two world championships. His best campaigns include: Kimi Raikkonen, then McClaren, then Michael Schumacher and Ferrari.

There are a number of artifacts around this reputation – the second pilot for Grand Prix begins, 312 – long career, his best achievements, Hamilton, Vettel, Schumacher; He is a media pilot for his caricature and his statement. Because I think it's the best time for a nation in a great circus.

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I'm familiar with Fernando Alonso as a pilot pilot. It's definitely for Spain, no doubt. But when you compare with those who come in the history of the left wing of Alonso, the discussion continues. There is a lot to say about the fear that the pilot is leaving the amateur level. Through his self-evident statements (he was better than the car's performance, not anonymous) – whether it deserves or not. That's it. & # 39;

In order to support the discussion, I conduct a statistical record of Fernando Alonso. Not for Ibn Sina, but for decades better than what was left in this segment: ie the best number (legendary figures in three sources).



Alonso Alberto Askari, Jim Clarke and Graham Hill have one of the other two double champions Mi Hikinsen Imagine you imagine.

It's very far from the 7 World Championships of Michael Schumacher, Juan Manuel Fangoi and Louis Hamilton. Allow Prost and Sebastian Vettel (4), and then five times three champions (follow Jack Brahham, Jack Stuart, Nicky Luda, Nelson Pickett, and Arcton Senna).

  • World's youngest champion: Vettel (2010); Hamilton and the third Alonso
  • World Champion twice: Vettel (2011), and Alonso
  • Three-time junior champion: Vettel (2012)

To win

Total: 1. Schumacher 91. Germany won 29.64% of the winners; Fansio, Master of Percentage: 46.15% Giant.

Alonso It is sixth with 32 wins. 10.26%. Nijel Mancel, Clarke (who has a very good percentage), Hakkin, Nico Rosberg, Allan Jones, James Hunt, and Dromon Hill.

One year: Both Shoemaker (2004) and Vettel (2013) have two. AlonsoHe won seven out of seven games in 2005 and 2006 (such as Raikkonen in 2005 and Schumi in 2006).

Continuously: Nine in 2013; 7. Best performance along with Askari, Shumi and Niko Rozberg Alonso In 2006, it was threaded by 4.

More wins in a season Alonso could not have succeeded for a mall, and it is clear. This category captures my attention because it is well connected to Hamilton and Jacques Vilenov in 4 locations. Hamilton, in his routine season (2007), won the same success Alonso, A double champion of McLaren, his partner, perhaps Molding Oeideo

The youngest winner Max Verstappen in 18 years; 2. Vetal 21; 3 Alonso 22.

Following more seasons and at least 1 win: 1. Schumacher 15; 2. Hamildton 12 and 3. Prostate 10; Alonso Like other drivers like Michael Alboretto, Jenson Button and Gerhard Berger, 4 successive consecutive successes have won.


Total: 1. Hamilton (82); Alonso He is 22, two more than Demon Hill, less than Nelson Pickett … … Hakkin (26), Alanzo 7.07%, Fanoi 55.77%, Clarke 45.21%, Cena 40.12%, Hamilton, Vettel, Hakkin They get a better percentage Alonso Saturday was not a sprinter.

Continuously: The country of Aursten – 1. Sena 8 alone; 2. Pros, Hamilton and Schumacher, who went to seventh in the rankings. 3. Cena 6 contacted Luda, Manzal, Hakkin, Nico Rosberg, Hamilton.

Alonso Stirling Moss, Phil Hill, Mansell, Prost, J Villeneve, Hakkin (Again and again), Juan Pablo Mondeo, Vettel.

Young man Paulman: Sold by Deeron Alonso (This might have been the first one).

More than a year Vettel, in 2011, the existing Hamilton-Merseyside Dynasty has not been able to avoid the veal-red bull.

Rapid turfs

Total: 1. Schumacher 77 more. Alonso This position is at 23rd place, behind Kimi Raikkonen (46). Hakkin (25)

One year: In 2005, Reiconnose reiterated in 2008 (following Alonso's most reliable rhinolt) in 2008, Shummi was equal to 10 people in 2004.

In one campaign, Alonso In 2006 he won the Schumacher's title. In 2010, it lost to Vettel (Alonso Manzell and Vettel three times runner-up) in the last race.

The youngest pilot: 1. Max Verstappen, aged 19. Alonso Esteban Goodies?


More Hatrix (Success, Paul, VR): Schumacher 22; Alonso 5 Live Hakkin (Again the Finnish) or Damon Hill; Vettel and Hamilton are respectively 7 and 14 respectively.

Additional Podits: Shumi (155); Alonso 97 years old than Raikkonen, Vettel, Hamilton, and Prost.

One year powders: 1. Schumacher, in 2002, 17 matches (he was in charge of all competitions). Germany agrees with Vettel and Hamilton. Alonso He won 15 in 2005 and scored a record-breaking win for McLaren.

Schumacher (2004), N. Rossburg (2014, 2015) winners.

As we can see, from 2003 to 2006 Alonso gained much attention. Instead of declaring a historical declaration rather than sports announcement (current identity), the present trend has been announced: "Prepare young people in F1 and press & # 39; During the period of laboratory pilots: Hamilton, Vettel … Westston, and Fernando expelled three.

In my opinion, not at the beginning of any one of the evaluation categories, providing a reference on motor's most important and a "historical value".

In that sense, I do not think the comparison with Fernando Alonzo is either Schumacher, Fongo, Hamilton, Vettel, or Norton Senna, and Hakikin.

Like Ananzo, the Finland driver also shot his shot twice, (as opposed to some races in 1999 when the shumi was injured). Alonso once did it in 2006 alone. In 2005, Schumacher earned a double junction with Rummon and Spain.

We live in social networks, hyperbolically common in this virtual universe; Everything is exaggerated.

Fernando Alonso will be amazed, yes. But in F1's history (champions) than others. Do not miss the lost hockey player or lose.

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